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Hailo Libero HFO
Hailo Libero HFO
Hailo Libero HFO
Hailo Libero HFO
Hailo Libero HFO
Hailo Libero HFO
Hailo Libero HFO

Hailo Libero HFO

Order number: 3697101 / GTIN: 4007126369734
Electronic Door-Opener for Hailo recycling-systems

Product information

Important information on purchasing/using the Hailo Libero HFO:
Only suitable for pull-outs underneath - as it is activated by foot sensor!
The bottom of the kitchen cupboard must be cut out for installation! (See installation sketch or enclosed template).
A 230V AC socket must be installed in the rear part of the cabinet.
The base height of the kitchen cabinet must be at least 10 cm.
The plinth recess of the kitchen cupboard must be at least 5 cm.
The kitchen front, skirting board and cabinet base must not contain any metals in the vicinity of the Libero HFO built-in module.

  • Easy operation by foot, thanks to a sensor in the plinth-area
  • Integrated identification lighting (LED)
  • Not any unintended opening, e.g. by touching of the door-front, or by walking by
  • One opener system for all types of pull-outs, or dampened drawers for self-containing systems, for hang hangthru bins, for bins standing on the drawer-bottom
  • Adjustable push-out forces (5 different settings for any type of slides)
  • Soft closing of the recycling–systems, with the known features of used slides
  • Easiest installation, within minutes, without any special tooling or accessories
  • Space-saving patented installation in the bottompanel of the cabinet, not any interference with plumbing lines in the rear section
  • Plug-and-Play, comes with 230 V (+/-10%), 50-60 Hz, European 2-pin power-plug
  • WEEE-Reg. No.: DE 60802808
  • Information duties according to §18, 2: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

Technical specifications

Product dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
216 x 176 x 42
Packing dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
240 x 220 x 57
Color plastic parts
Weight incl. packing (kg)

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