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Waste separation systems

Intelligent and organised rubbish separation

HAILO offers a variety of waste separation systems that make it easier to separate rubbish in the kitchen. Built into the cabinet, they are tucked away out of sight. Depending on the size, separation systems come in a range of forms divided into a different number of units.

The HAILO range of waste separation systems

HAILO products are known for their long life and maximum convenience. It goes without saying, therefore, that the waste separation systems also come in the same customary quality. To ensure this, the prototypes of the systems are tested over 100,000 pull-out cycles – an extraordinary level of quality assurance.
HAILO offers 14 different waste separation systems in total. Each of them is unique, configured and tailored to a variety of kitchen environments and cabinets. What they all have in common is their function as a built-in system. Some of them are available with lids, while others have variable containers that have different litre capacities. A suitable model can be chosen to suit the particular built-in cabinet.

Front-opening waste separation systems

Various waste separation systems for the kitchen have been designed for opening frontally. The way they function delivers maximum convenience: they come with synchronised runners that ensure easy inward and outward movement when the cabinet is opened and closed. The system is extended fully every time, making all inner bins easily accessible. Among those suitable for this system are the Cargo Synchro model, the Euro Cargo S system for rubbish separation, the Cargo Soft rubbish collector and the Bottom Mount waste system. The number of integrated inner bins varies from two to four.

Recycling bins for swing-door cabinets

HAILO has the perfect solution for swing-door cabinets, too. The Tandem and Terzett systems and the Space-Saver Tandem are easy to install and are compatible with swing-door cabinets 30 cm or 40 cm wide, depending on the model. The models come with two or three separate rubbish bins to suit different requirements. The rubbish is covered by a system lid for hygienic stowage.

Waste systems for installation in drawers

Some of HAILO's waste separation systems, such as the XXL rubbish separation system, the Triple XL and the Separato K system, are suitable for installation in drawers of various widths. Up to eight containers can be fitted, depending on the size and model, not only ensuring waste separation but also helping to keep the kitchen tidy. The rubbish that is in the cabinet is covered by a metal or plastic lid which simultaneously serves as a handy storage shelf in the base unit.

Waste separation systems for corner sink units

The best model for installation in corner sink units is the Rondo waste separation system, which can be selected with two to four separate units. These can be removed individually and, in addition to rubbish disposal, can also be used as cleaning buckets or for stowing other kitchen utensils. That turns the Rondo into a true all-rounder for the kitchen. The practical 360° rotation makes it easy to access the stowed items and all buckets without a problem. Fitting and installation are also quick and simple to perform.

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