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Training workshop

Since the early ‘50s, roughly 300 technical trainees have been prepared for their successful career start in our training workshop. The different apprenticeship options show the professional diversity and technical development of the company: Toolmaker, shop fitter, lathe operator, energy electronics technician, technical product designer, sheet metal worker, parts finisher, and production mechanic. The current focus of our technical training is on the vocations of production mechanics and technical product designers.

Basic training in the training workshop

At the start of the apprenticeship, all technical apprentices complete the "basic metalworking course". The apprentices learn necessary skills and knowledge such as scribing, filing, drilling, turning, milling, bending, welding, and soldering, in order to produce and process metal workpieces according to technical drawings. These qualifications are learned and practised through the production of exemplary pieces under the guidance of a technical instructor. Basic training lasts six months.

Technical training (using the example of production mechanics)

Basic training is followed by a specialist training in various technical departments. The apprentices alternate departments in a three-month rhythm. On-site support is provided by the respective technical trainers in the departments: Maintenance/Service, Fixture Construction, Development Workshop, Quality Control, Turning Shop, Milling Shop, and Service Tools. Specialist training lasts for 18 months.

The third training stage

In the third training phase, the prospective production mechanics are instructed and trained in and on the machines of our production departments. They are supervised by a machine/equipment operator. The tasks are: Operating or controlling the plant or machine for manufacturing our products, testing the manufactured products, maintenance, servicing, and conversion. After 12 months, the final theory examination (at the vocational school) and practical (on our machines/plants) takes place.

Additional contents of technical vocational training

  • Regular in-house training
  • Pneumatics/hydraulics training course
  • SPS basic course
  • Training as a forklift driver
  • Crane driving licence

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