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Technical product designers (m/f/d)

Our technical product designers make an important contribution to the overall success of the company. In the construction and development department, teamwork is particularly important. You will produce the various technical drawings which will serve as the basis for the later production of our products or for securing our plant technology. In addition to the practical training, theory is taught at the vocational school in Dillenburg.

What is required?

A secondary school leaving certificate with good grades in mathematics, physics and technology are an important basis for this training. Anyone gifted with spatial imagination is at a clear advantage.

Which departments will you pass through?

Training workshop, quality control, development, and design.

How long does the training last?

The training normally lasts for 3.5 years. However, those who stand out with excellent grades can already take the exam after three years.

And what happens afterwards?

There are a number of options awaiting you after finishing this training. You can either work in the product development or construction department, further develop production facilities, or continue your education to become a state-certified designer or technician. You can also go for the advanced technical college entrance qualification to extend your studies.

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