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The following are important prerequisites for successful cooperation and the achievement of goals. One must be able to rely on the fact that the assigned tasks are carried out accordingly - even without constant supervision.

Willingness to learn and perform

This is the very basis for a successful education. Work isn’t a necessary evil, but rather an important element of one's life. Curiosity and the desire to learn new things, joy at work and success in one's profession contribute to a positive attitude towards life, as well as individual satisfaction.

Endurance - stamina - resilience

These are important skills to cope with failure. At school and work, not everything always goes smoothly. But you must be able to cope with stress and disappointments. It’s not only success that builds up self-confidence.

Care - Conscientiousness

The tasks and activities in the company require accuracy and seriousness. Carelessness can cause great damage to people and the company.

Ability to concentrate

There is no performance without focus. It's so easy to be distracted. But it’s also necessary to concentrate on one thing. You have to be willing and able to do that. Both can be adopted through training with success.

Taking responsibility - independence

Experience provides security for independent thinking and acting. The willingness to take on responsibility grows with increasing maturity. However, some sense of both must already be in place by the time you start your training.

Ability for criticism and self-criticism

Those who can take criticism are able to, for example, distinguish important from unimportant occurrences relatively quickly. They can tell from the matter at hand whether something is to be approved or rejected. Just as important is the ability to critically question one's actions in order to be aware of the possibility of making mistakes but being willing to acknowledge and correct them.

Creativity and flexibility

Succeeding in a company requires everyone to think independently. Suggestions for improvement help to optimise daily tasks or the organisation of the own workplace. If you are creative and flexible, you can get used to new tasks more easily and quickly.

Willingness to cooperate - the ability to work in a team

Success of a company always depends on the willingness of employees to cooperate. Every employee is encouraged to exchange information, share experiences and support each other.

Ability to manage conflict situations

Varying opinions and views may lead to conflict. However, they should be dealt with peacefully and constructively. We require the ability to argue, as well as the ability to deal with personal annoyance and contradictions.


Being open means that it’s important to accept opinions and views that differ from one's attitude.

Politeness - Friendliness

If you are friendly, you will succeed more quickly and easily. This applies to the company's external relations (e. g. customers, suppliers, public) as well as to a positive working atmosphere within the team.

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