Let’s beat the virus together! We have introduced extensive measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees, business partners and customers. We will continue to be able to deliver and remain available to you. Stay safe everyone!

Added safety step by step

Ladders and folding steps are products which require high safety standards. They need to measure up to the trust shown in the Hailo brand in their day-to-day use.

Material approval test

The materials and components Hailo uses are tested for their suitability and quality. For example, for absolute safety we use only punch rivets for securing the steps. Only after these have been subjected to endurance testing under - in some cases - improbably tough conditions in the laboratory and in practice is approval given for series production.

Eddy-current test

The rails are formed from a special aluminium alloy and are subject to eddy current testing in a single pass. After all, only an utterly strong and flawlessly welded rail can guarantee our legendary Hailo safety.


Manual dimensional check

Experienced staff test the exact and consistently precise strength throughout our the rails - we know that safety reassures!

Load testing

During the manufacturing process, the riveted joints are tested automatically and 100% on every ladder. The Hailo brand stands for products which offer an especially long lifetime, and every ladder needs to be 100% safe from the first time you set foot on it to the last day of use.

Final visual inspection

In addition, each ladder is then subjected to a final visual inspection. Here, the ladders are closely scrutinised according to specific testing criteria. Only ladders that pass this check can carry the Hailo trademark.