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HAILO sponsors planting of 11,000 trees in Burbach

Drought, various storms and the bark beetle have severely affected the Central German forest stands in recent years. Particularly because of the bark beetle infestation, clearing was necessary in parts to contain its further spread. These cleared areas must now be reforested so that the forest can once again fulfil its climate-protecting role in the future.

HAILO is involved in the local area as a tree sponsor. The goal of this commitment is the reforestation of fallow, cleared forest areas.  In this specific case, in a piece of forest in nearby Burbach. Elmar Wulf from the Forstzweckverband Burbach is the forester responsible for the Burbach forest cooperative and has concrete data at the ready:

"In March 2022, over 11,000 trees were planted on an area of about 1.5 ha. Among them 9,500 copper beech, 1,000 sycamore maple and 750 bird cherry."

The Haiger-based company HAILO donated the trees for this project through the W. & L. Jordan Foundation and the "Tree Sponsor" campaign.

During an on-site visit on 20 June, HAILO Managing Director Jörg Lindemann and Jörg Ludwig Jordan, Managing Partner Jordan, inspected the project together with the Burbach forester Elmar Wulf.

HAILO Managing Director Jörg Lindemann: "Sustainability is an important concern for us, which is why we actively promote the topic and want to further increase awareness of it. We see sustainability as a long-term corporate value and a responsibility towards people and the environment."

Jörg Ludwig Jordan adds: "Our forest fulfils a variety of functions for people and nature! It is a habitat for many animals, plants and fungi, it purifies the air and our drinking water. It provides the natural raw material wood, donates oxygen and stores CO2. It is gratifying that more and more companies and private individuals are supporting the reforestation of forests."

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