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Branch out safely

In order to stay in shape and produce good yields, trees and fruit trees need regular pruning. The right tools are essential for professional tree care. Safety is a key issue, especially when it comes to ladders that bring higher branches and twigs within easy reach.

Our three-part aluminium combination ladder S100 ProfiLOT is unsurpassed in its versatility and designed for use on grown soils. Whether fruit tree pruning or harvesting, the extendable rung ladder with a load capacity of up to 150 kg masters every task.

Gartenpflege mit HAILO S100 ProfiLOT

Everything in balance

Thanks to the LOT system from HAILO, unevenness in the terrain up to 15 centimetres can be levelled out very easily. Garden paths, stairs and landings made of natural stone, such as those often found around the house, no longer present obstacles. The ladder can be conveniently adjusted to the respective ground level by foot pedal and then locked in place steplessly.

Special, large-surface feet offer maximum stability, they prevent the ladder from accidentally slipping or tilting to the side and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

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