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Cherry-picking? Do it safely

Are there cherry trees in your garden that not only look beautiful but also bear a lot of fruit? Then it’s time to consider harvesting! Of course, not all the cherries hang at an easily accessible height, and in general, there are one or two things to consider when harvesting. Read below to know what you shouldn’t forget and how to best proceed during the harvest.

When do cherry trees flower?

Cherry trees not only provide you with tasty, juicy fruit but also beautify your garden. Cherry trees usually bloom around April, showing off their beautiful white flowers in all their splendour. This gives you some time to enjoy the Spring view before the hard work of harvesting begins.

When and how are the cherries harvested?

Depending on the variety, cherries are harvested between the end of May and July. Sweet cherries are harvested from the end of May until July, whereas sour cherries are only picked in July. Both varieties are considered ripe when you can simply peel them off the stalk. The harvest itself is simple. Just pick them with your hands. It’s important to remember that you do not just pick the red fruit itself, but that you always pick the cherry together with the stalk. This way, the juice in the cherry doesn’t leak out and does not leave any cherry-red traces in the storage bucket or sink.

How to store cherries?

If the cherries are no longer hanging from the tree, they will not keep for long. They should therefore be consumed or processed within a few days. To guarantee their shelf life, you should make sure that you store the fruit in a cool place. Either, the refrigerator or a suitably cold room.

What to make out of cherries?

Depending on the type of cherries you are dealing with, there are a variety of things you can do with them. You can identify sweet cherries by their sweet and aromatic taste. You should eat and enjoy them fresh! Sour cherries, on the other hand, are rather unsuitable for this. They should be used to make jams or to bake a delicious cherry cake. You can be as creative as you wish and prepare many delicious dishes. There are also many ideas available online.

But how do you get the cherries?

Some cherries hang very low on small trees or even on bush trees. In such cases, harvesting the cherries isn’t a problem, because you can get to the delicious fruit quite easily. But what if you have a cherry tree with a high trunk in your garden? Then the whole thing looks much more complicated. What you need here is a stable, safe and non-slip ladder that will get you to your destination.

With HAILO, you can also get to the juicy cherries at the very top of the tree. For this purpose, we offer you various rung ladders from the S100 ProfiLOT line, which, thanks to their innovative technology, also provide a firm grip on uneven surfaces. You can use it to level out up to 15 cm of uneven ground. You can choose between different ladder heights and select the most suitable ladder for your use. Another practical feature is that you can easily attach the bucket for the cherries to a bucket hook and, thus, save yourself creative hand juggling work. The bucket hook is available as a separate accessory. This makes the next cherry harvest a simple and safe project for you!

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