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Decorating the Christmas tree

Christmas is just around the corner, and in addition to decorating for Christmas during Advent and shopping for presents for your loved ones, you must not forget to decorate the Christmas tree. After all, this is the centrepiece of the Christmas evening. When the presents are piled up under it and the family is sitting comfortably around it, the mood is contemplative with a festively decorated Christmas tree. Once you have found the perfect tree for the occasion, the decorating can begin! We will now tell you what you should look out for when decorating.

Candles - real or fake?

A Christmas tree decorated with real candles has a charm all its own and creates a special atmosphere. However, this sight also has its price: fire, even if it only comes from a burning candle, is a fire hazard. Especially if it is lit on a tree, i.e. surrounded by wood. Therefore, you should be very careful when reaching for real candles. The most important rule here is to never leave the candles unattended. In addition, they should always be placed vertically and not tilted. To prevent the risk of fire, you should not have any flammable elements in the immediate vicinity of the tree. This means neither curtains nor tree decorations, which catch fire easily.

If you have decided to use real candles, make sure you put them and the rest of the decorations in the right order. First hang the baubles on the tree. Once you have done this, add the candles. You should attach these to the outside of the branches. Then add garlands and other decorations.

A woman stands on a ladder and decorates a christmas tree

Fairy lights and the like as a luminous substitute

There is now a whole range of artificial candles that make a Christmas tree look at least as festive as real ones. You can get them in any DIY store and a big plus is that you can use them for many years. You also have the option of choosing a string of lights as a decoration: Whether with many small lights, a few large ones, in clear white or in bright colours, your Christmas tree is sure to shine in all its glory!

A little tip for attaching the light chain to the Christmas tree: always start with the end of the chain at the top of the tree and then work your way down in a circle. For a self-contained chain, proceed as follows: Cut the chain in half and start at the top of the tree by spiralling it downwards to the right and left respectively. Then start with the baubles and the rest of the decoration.

Which baubles should I use?

A decorated Christmas tree lives from the baubles with which it has been decorated. You have an almost endless choice of different sizes, colours and shapes. You can choose matt or shiny baubles, round ones, drop-shaped ones or baubles representing different motifs. These range from a bell or a nativity scene to a gingerbread. When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, there are practically no limits. Depending on your preference, you can decorate a classic Christmas tree with small and large baubles or an unusual one in bright colours and shapes.

The top of the tree - the heart of the Christmas tree

The top of the fir is practically the most important part of the entire Christmas tree. It should stand out. There are special Christmas tree decorations that can be attached to the top of the tree. On the other hand, there is the possibility of implementing or crafting your own decorative ideas. This gives your Christmas tree a personal touch. Collect a few DIY ideas together with your family and create the perfect tree decoration. It could be an angel, a star or something completely different. Be creative and decorate your tree into something special.

Other decorative elements for the perfect tree

Fairy lights and baubles are not enough? No problem! Some tinsel will give your Christmas tree an extra sparkle. Whether gold or silver - it will make your tree even more festive in any case. Why not enhance your Christmas tree decoration with a few garlands and a beautiful cloth that you drape around the tree on the floor. The presents will look especially good on it!

The tree is too high to decorate - and now?

When you bought the Christmas tree, did you underestimate how big it actually is or do you just like it when it reaches up to the ceiling of your house? Then you should think about the best way to decorate it without putting yourself in a safety-critical situation. Particularly suitable for such a situation is the HAILO L80 ComfortLine safety stepladder with wider-than-average steps and practical storage tray for extra comfort when decorating the tree. This allows you to stand safely and stably when attaching the decorations to the top of the tree. With the highest version of the ladder model, you can even reach trees up to 3.72 m high. Christmas is guaranteed!

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