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Frau sitzt mit Kaffee auf dem Boden und im Hintergrund die HAILO Leiter

Different working heights - different ladders

Whether you’re in the house or garden, different jobs will require ladders at different heights. However, no matter how high or low your ladder is, a safe stand at each step is a prerequisite for an excellent working environment. Safety should always play a decisive role, especially when working at great heights. Finally, there is a wide range of ladders with different characteristics. To give you a better overview of the different types of ladders and their working heights, we’ve gone through a few selected models.

Folding steps - Small domestic help

Folding steps usually have 2 to 3 steps. They are usually particularly large and have a non-slip surface, providing extra stability and safety at a low standing height. Stepladders are well suited to helping out with small jobs in the household. For example, reaching a shelf that is too high or storing something in the cupboard. The maximum working height for stepladders is usually lower than that of ladders designed for indoor and outdoor work.

HAILO has various models that come with the choice of having a safety rail to hold on to or not. The HAILO K100 TopLine ladder made of aluminium is particularly practical, as its extra-large, non-slip, serrated steps provide secure footing. This ladder is available in 2 or 3-step models, allowing you to reach a maximum working height of 2.74 m. Its high curved aluminium safety rail allows you to hold and lean on the ladder for even more comfort whilst you work. The soft-grip sole of the ladder feet also provides the practical household helper with greater stability and slip-resistance on a wide variety of surfaces such as carpeting, tiles or parquet. Thanks to the integrated storage tray, using tools whilst on the stepladder is easy work.

Stepladder - Practical helper for DIY

Stepladders are particularly suitable for works in the house like painting, window cleaning, installing ceiling lamps or similar work. This type of ladder is available at a low working height, which can be increased depending on the number of steps chosen. This is exemplified by HAILO's stepladders, with a minimum of three steps and a maximum of eight depending on the model. This allows you to reach a working height of 2.63 m up to 3.72 m. Stepladders come with the added advantage of a platform, making it easier to carry out your work at a greater height, as you have more space, freedom of movement and a stable stand to support you.

Determining your own ideal working height with stepladders

Overview: What working height can be achieved with which number of steps on Hailo stepladders?

Rung ladders - rung by rung until under the clouds

We also recommend rung ladders for work at home and in the garden. Whether you’re renovating the facade, repairing the gutter or trimming a tree, rung ladders allow you the freedom to deal with almost any height. These models are available as single ladders, extension ladders, telescopic ladders and multi-purpose ladders. The HAILO S80 ProfiStep duo aluminium extension ladder, for example, can be selected with up to 2 x 18 rungs, giving you a maximum working height of 9.50 m - perfect for carrying out roof work or picking apples from the tree.

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