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Person mit Farbeimer und Farbrolle vor dem Haus und im Hintergrund ein G60 Gerüst von HAILO.

Easy and convenient painting

Repainting the flat can be a tedious undertaking and require many hours of work. When painting, it is important to stand comfortably so that you don’t make the work harder for yourself than it has to be. Read the following tips on how to make painting your premises or the façade on your house as easy and comfortable as possible and which tools you should definitely not go without. Here we reveal which ladder is the best choice if you are planning to paint your walls and ceilings.

Painting a house facade - tips and tricks for the best climbing tool

If you’re doing a new paint job on the façade of your house, this usually means painting a larger area. With a simple ladder you can also achieve a good result, but you will make the process much more difficult. You are better off with scaffolding. This gives you the ability to cover a larger area without having to constantly move the ladder. In addition, you have a lot more space to move and stand safely and stably. The HAILO G60 multifunctional scaffold can be used as both a scaffold and a ladder. It can be moved from A to B without any effort thanks to practical transport castors. This saves you unnecessary effort and your façade can be painted faster than you could ever dream of.

Painting interior walls - easier than ever!

Renovating or moving into a new flat or even your own house means one thing above all: individual freedom of design! You can say goodbye to old, drab colours and choose your own shades for your four walls. New, personal décor dreams can be realised. When redesigning the interior, the colour of the walls plays a major role in determining the look of the room.

But before you reach for the paint pot and roller, you should first find the right ladder. We strongly advise against self-constructed structures made of tables, floorboards, and chairs. Although these are supposedly quick to set up, the most crucial point suffers: their safety. Since your physical integrity should always be the most important priority when doing home improvements and DIY, buying a high-quality ladder is indispensable.

How high is high enough?

In addition to the stability of the ladder, the most important thing is the right height. You should not have to stretch or bend down to reach all corners and edges. Of course, the height of your ceilings and thus of your walls also plays a decisive role. If you live in a chic old flat with particularly high rooms and ceilings, you will need a higher ladder than if your walls are a normal height. To work comfortably, you should first be clear about where you want to paint and what working height you need to reach. You can read here what working height a ladder should have for which work and how your personal working height is calculated: Different working heights - different ladders

Features you don’t want to do without

Once you have decided on the right height, it is time to choose a suitable model. A stepladder is a better choice than a simple single ladder, as you need one that can stand freely without additional support. However, not all stepladders are the same - a well-equipped model will make repainting your walls much easier. It is important that you choose the equipment according to your needs. Do you want a lot of space to work on, a particularly non-slip surface, storage space for brushes and tools, or all of the above? Depending on your wishes, HAILO offers you a suitable product.

Spoilt for choice - or would you prefer an all-rounder?

If you want an all-rounder that will have your walls painted in the new colour in no time, then HAILO has the perfect ladder for you. Whether it's buckets of paint, brushes, rollers or other tools for painting and wallpapering, the HAILO L100 TopLine offers enough space for all this and much more. This saves you from climbing up and down the ladder to fetch tools or put them down.

The model also offers the right features for those of you who like to be particularly comfortable and slip-resistant when working: extra-deep steps and anti-slip ribbing on each step give you just that - freedom of movement and a secure footing. With the use of the matching HAILO ladder, you can paint your walls like a pro!

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