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Everything you need to know about ladders

When choosing the right ladder, there are several things to consider. Not every ladder is suitable for every job, so it’s necessary to find out in advance which ladder is best suited for your purposes. Below is information you should consider regarding different available ladders, their property types, and how and when they are useful.

What distinguishes different ladder types from each other?

When choosing the correct ladder, you’ll have to consider whether you’ll be working indoors or outdoors, and how high your ladder will need to reach for the work you’re planning on doing. If you’re planning on using a ladder for different purposes, it may even make sense to buy a multi-functional ladder. To make your decision as easy as possible, we’ve listed and briefly described the different types of ladders below.

Rung ladders - For working at lofty heights

There are various forms a rung ladder can take. It can be a sliding ladder, a telescopic ladder, a single ladder or a combination of several ladder elements. In each case, it is equipped with a different number of rungs, which you can use to climb up the ladder. The height varies depending on the number of rungs present. It’s also important to note that a rung is narrower than a step. Despite this, you’ll still have a firm and stable place to stand regardless of how high up you are. Rung ladders are particularly suitable for outdoor work, but they don’t have to be limited to this and can in fact, also be used indoors. HAILO ladders are all made of high-quality aluminium and provide you with a prioritised level of safety. The tallest model is the HAILO S80 ProfiStep duo aluminium ladder (2x18 rungs) with a maximum working height of 9.50 m.

Extending ladder, lean-to ladder or combination ladder - which is the better choice?

There is no singular answer to this question, as it also depends on when and where you want to use your ladder and how much storage space you can spare. Depending on the number of rungs, and the size, a simple lean-to ladder can take up quite a lot of space as it cannot be pushed together and reduced in size like an extending ladder. So if you need an extra-long rung ladder, an extension ladder might be the more practical choice for you. If you frequently want to carry out various tasks in the garden, an aluminium combination ladder such as the HAILO S100 ProfiLOT may be the better choice. This can be used as a lean-to or extending ladder and as a free-standing trestle ladder with a third extendable ladder section, which makes it more flexible than a simple lean-to ladder. Choose an appropriate model which supports your frequency and variability of use.

Folding steps - For bridging small heights in the household

Folding steps are often made up of extra deep steps, which are particularly easy to walk on and provide a safe foothold. Small folding steps are usually quite low in height and are well suited for small household tasks. You could use them to store an object at a higher level or hang a mirror on the wall. Folding steps are quick and easy to stow away and take up very little space. The HAILO MK80 ComfortLine aluminium folding step, is only 6.5 cm wide when folded up, so it disappears into even the smallest niche. It also has a low weight of only 3.6 kg.

Stepladders - companions for house and garden work

Stepladders are well suited for both smaller and larger jobs in and around the house that occur more often. They are equipped with steps and offer good grip for stability. If you want to paint your ceiling, clean the windows or decorate the house festively, then a stepladder is the right choice for you. You can climb it easily and the top step is a platform that allows you to stand comfortably. The HAILO L80 ComfortLine has extra-deep steps with anti-slip ribbing, so you can stand safely and comfortably even when working for long periods. With its cleverly designed parallel struts above the platform, it also gives you more knee room for comfortably working on the ladder.

Special features for different occasions

In addition to the ladder-type, various models will differ in their characteristics. Whether they have non-slip steps, additional devices for storing tools at the end of the working platform, or other special features - there is a suitable model for every activity.

Compensation for uneven ground - Stable uphill and downhill

Uneven ground is a common occurrence, especially in the garden. It is essential for your ladder to have a safe stand when working on ground like this. If the garden is on a slope, this becomes even more important and more complicated to overcome. It would make sense to buy a ladder that can solve such a problem for you - for example, the HAILO S100 ProfiLOT aluminium combination ladder has a special feature. A system which is located at the foot end of the rung ladder and compensates for uneven ground of up to 15 cm. Not even a tree cut on a slope will be a problem for much longer.

Non-slip steps - stable standing in every position

If you plan to work with liquids, when cleaning windows or painting ceilings and walls for example, a non-slip surface is more important than ever. You and your ladder need to ensure that you do not stumble on the steps due to dripping mop water or wet paint residue. The HAILO L100 TopLine aluminium stepladder with extra deep treads and non-slip ribbing offers you just that.

All the utensils on board: comfort whilst working on the ladder

When painting or cleaning, different utensils are often needed. It could be a bucket of paint or soapy water, brushes or other tools. Climbing down from the ladder each time to get a new utensil is exhausting. You should choose a ladder that helps you around this problem, and provides additional space or holders for various items. The HAILO L100 TopLine aluminium safety stepladder is a prime example of this feature. In addition to a practical storage tray with two universal hooks for storing and fastening tools or small parts, it also has a practical bucket loop, suitable not only for fastening buckets but also for hanging cable drums. Our HAILO L100 TopLine offers space for any tool you could possibly need.

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