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Fireproof waste bins

Waste bins located in public places and intended for public use should meet special safety requirements. Often, people carelessly throw lit cigarette butts into a litter bin on the street or ash into a wastepaper bin. Should something like this happen, a fireproof waste bin could literally save lives. We explain in a short overview how waste can best be protected against the outbreak of fire.

Waste separation at home and in public

First of all, it is important that waste separation should not only take place in your own home, but also in other areas of your life. Often, there are different bins in public places that are designed for different types of waste. Make sure you know which bin is for what and separate your waste wisely when you are out and about. In this way, you do the environment a great favour with little effort. However, when someone ignores the rule that a certain bin is only for paper and throws a cigarette into it, this can be dangerous. If it is a fire-safe wastepaper bin with a flame-extinguishing lid, such as the bins from the HAILO ProfiLine, the danger can be averted.

Special design as the key to success

Flame-extinguishing wastepaper bins have a specific design and are made from specific materials. Bins can only curb flames if the bin and lid have been designed accordingly.

With the HAILO ProfiLine Safe products, HAILO is a pioneer with an intelligent combination of design and protection. The housing is made of powder-coated sheet steel or polished stainless steel and impresses with its simple style. The material of the lid is also made of corrosion-resistant powder-coated sheet steel. What makes these HAILO models so special is the special lid construction. This smothers flames and thus ensures the safety of all passers-by. In addition, HAILO offers different sizes of the model so that there is a suitable product for every need. Whether you choose the HAILO ProfiLine Safe M with a capacity of 14 litres or the HAILO ProfiLine Safe XL with a volume of around 45 litres - you can hardly get any safer than HAILO.

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