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Frau gießt Blumen im Garten


It is nice to spend the sunny hours and the warm summer evenings in your own garden in the fresh air and just relax. However, you should take good care of your garden to be able to enjoy the time there as well. Because, if we are honest: nobody likes weeds. For the flowers to blossom, the trees to bear fruit and the vegetables to grow in the beds, a lot of work is required - almost all year round. Which tasks you should do at which time of the year, we now tell you with a short overview of the most important work.

Garden work in winter

This may surprise some people, but even in winter your garden needs work that should not be neglected. Of course, there is by far not as much to do as in the other seasons, but nevertheless you should not forget your garden. For example, it is important to water plants that are green all year round on a regular basis. However, to protect them from frost, you should make sure that you only water the plants on frost-free days. Especially on these days your plants need water, because during the day water evaporates through their leaves, but at the same time the possibly still frozen soil does not allow for a water supply. Do you plan to plant a bed of vegetables in spring? Then you can start growing the plants indoors in the winter months before you put them in the ground in February, just before the beginning of spring.

Four potted plants stand next to a watering can on the window sill in the sun


In winter it is already time to cut back one or the other tree. Especially hardwoods can be processed at this time of year. However, you should only start caring for the fruit trees when it is no longer freezing. Depending on the weather, this is usually in April. Otherwise they could be considerably damaged. The later harvest of the delicious fruit would be history.

Gardening in spring

In the spring, a larger part of the work in your garden begins. Now it is time to mow the lawn for the first time, cut ornamental grass and start digging. However, this is not necessary everywhere, but only in places where something new is to be planted or sown. It is also necessary in places where nothing has been planted yet. In the spring months it is also necessary to fertilize the time so that the plants will sprout into the sky afterwards.

Fertilizer - What do plants need?

Fertilizer is a helper that gives the plants what they need: nutrients. Nutrients are not only important for us humans, but also for everything that grows in your garden. What the plants want above all are phosphorus, nitrogen, trace elements as well as potassium. You are wondering where to get all this from? Quite simply, from compost. Here you will find all the necessary substances that plants need. However, if you have not built your own compost heap, the standard universal fertiliser from the DIY store or garden centre will do. When fertilizing, however, you should make sure that the soil is not dry, because the nutrients can only be properly absorbed if the soil is moist and rain has announced itself at best.

Cutting roses

As soon as the roses start to sprout, which is usually in March, they should be pruned. This will ensure that they will bear many new flowers at a later date and that you can enjoy the sight of them. It is important that you prune in the right places and do not remove the healthy shoots. If in doubt, get tips from an experienced gardener.

Woman cuts roses in the garden

Gardening in summer

Finally, you can begin to reap the fruits you have sown! Pick fruits that are already ripe regularly so that the plants have the opportunity to produce new ones. If you want to plant vegetables that are ready to be harvested in the autumn, you should sow them now. The plants in your garden will also be happy in summer if you prune them from time to time, as this will give them new strength. Don't forget to mow your lawn and weed it regularly!

Water, water, water!

When the sun burns in summer, it naturally has an effect on your garden. Especially at this time of year it needs a lot of water. However, it is important that you do not water at noon, as this is when the sun is at its strongest and your plants could burn as soon as they are moistened with drops of water. It is better to water early in the morning or in the evening. Do not skimp on water, but be generous! In order not to overcharge your water bill, we recommend that you collect rainwater using a rain barrel. In addition to the cost savings, this is also sustainable, as drinking water is not wasted unnecessarily, the extraction and treatment of which is technically complex.

A woman waters lavender plants in the garden

Garden work in autumn

Also in autumn there are again some plants that should be cut back. Especially fruit trees, birches or maple trees should be tackled. Shortly before winter sets in, it is then time to deal with the hedges, as these too must be trimmed. By the way, the lawn is still sprouting and should continue to be mowed until the first frost.

Remove leaves

Although the fallen leaves shine in many bright colours, which are a pleasure to look at, they must nevertheless be removed from the garden. Why? Because otherwise the lawn suffers from the burden of these beautiful, colourful leaves. If you do not want yellow lawn in spring, it is necessary to say goodbye to the leaves. So off to the compost heap with it! However, you can leave a small pile of leaves in the garden, as this helps hedgehogs to hibernate.

A man puts leaves into a garden bag

Garden care made easy

Of course, it is quite possible that the roses that you have to cut in spring will climb up the wall of the house or that the hedge is particularly high. Some trees may also need pruning, or the fruit that the fruit tree bears may have to be harvested, which can be quite a challenge. In precisely these situations, the right equipment is essential to make gardening safe and comfortable. HAILO offers the right equipment for this. Our ladders will help you to get your garden back in shape again, in a very uncomplicated way and without much effort. The HAILO S100 ProfiLOT range is particularly suitable for this, as the practical LOT system gives you a firm grip even on uneven ground. So you're a big step closer to a well-tended, beautiful garden!

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