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Mann auf Leiter reinigt Dachrinne mit Laubblättern und Schmutz.

Gutter cleaning made easy

Whether through leaves or dirt - a gutter is quickly clogged. Especially in autumn, when the roof is full of leaves and the rain washes the dirt into the gutter, the risk of clogging is high. To ensure that the rainwater can still run off without any problems - and to prevent the vertical downpipe from clogging - regular cleaning of the gutter is important.

Normally, your gutter drains rainwater from the roof. It collects the water and leads it through the down pipes, which run vertically from the gutter down into the ground. However, if the gutter is blocked, water can spill over and drip from the roof. A blocked downpipe can also cause backwater and similar problems. To prevent all this, you should clean your gutter when necessary and take some protective measures.

How do I clean the gutter properly?

In order for the rainwater to run off unhindered, it is important to clean the gutter at regular intervals. When doing so, you should remove coarse dirt from the gutter. This coarse dirt can consist of leaves, branches or moss, for example. By removing the coarse dirt, you usually already prevent the rainwater gutter from becoming blocked and the downpipe from becoming blocked. Cleaning the gutter with a brush is only necessary in exceptional cases

Our tip: Keep your roof permanently free of annoying leaves so that you no longer have to clean the gutter. This way, the leaves do not even get into the gutter. Of course you can also simply have a professional gutter cleaning carried out on your house, but this is usually very expensive.
What can I do to prevent my gutter from clogging in the first place?

Leaves in the gutter

What can I do to prevent my gutter from clogging in the first place?

So-called leaf stops above your gutter keep leaves and other coarse dirt out. Leaf stops are available in most DIY stores and are very easy to install. A fine grating then covers your gutter and prevents leaves from getting into the gutter. Mostly the leaf stops are made of metal. In this way, you keep your gutter clean and ensure that it cannot get blocked in the first place.

Clean the gutter safely

Make absolutely sure that you have a secure footing when cleaning your gutter! With a professional ladder you can ensure safety when cleaning your gutter. It is particularly important to make sure that single ladders are securely attached to the house wall or roof before you start work and clean your gutter. If you lean the ladder incorrectly, accidents can quickly occur. The same applies if you lean your ladder in the wrong place or if the gutter unexpectedly breaks off. Precautions and your health should always be the most important thing.

Securely attach the leaf stop

Similar to gutter cleaning, the recommendation here is: First of all, make sure that your ladder or scaffolding is safe. Your safety comes first! When you can climb your ladder or scaffold with a clear conscience, the work begins. First the gutter must be cleaned. Then you can attach the protective grating. You can find the right model on the Internet or in a DIY store. Even if your gutter is protected, the grille should be cleaned from time to time. The advantage of a foliage stop is obvious: Cleaning is done quickly and is rarely necessary.

Leaf stop on a gutter with a leaf on it

How HAILO can help you

With our products we ensure that the cleaning of your gutter is safe and treadable. No matter whether you are removing dirt or attaching a leaf stop - you can always rely on our ladders or scaffolding, because they convince with excellent quality and meet the highest safety standards. For example, the materials and components used first undergo a quality check before they can be installed, and every ladder manufactured is also subjected to a visual inspection. Our ladders are designed in such a way that you can always feel completely safe, even during your next gutter cleaning.

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