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HAILO Care Wall partition and protective wall for hygiene and safety

To contain the spread of infections, we need new, efficient hygiene solutions. HAILO has developed a protective wall system that provides a solution. It is extremely easy to handle and can be quickly dismantled and transported if necessary.

In the factory, in the office, at counters, in public facilities, in museums, in restaurants and many other areas, the HAILO Care Wall you play it safe! This is especially helpful in places where the recommended distance between people is difficult to maintain.

Lightweight aluminium stands with clamped protective foils reduce the risk of direct droplet infection without obstructing communication and visibility. The free-standing protective barrier separates people and prevents the risk of physical contact. The stands are available in two standard sizes.

A man and a woman are talking, a mobile protective wall stands between them
Women getting their hair cut at the hairdresser, separated by erected protective walls

Hygiene protection wall with versatile application possibilities

Our solutions for sneeze and cough protection offer more hygiene and safety for you, your staff, and your guests without hindering communication.

In order to meet a multitude of requirements and areas of application, we also offer custom-made products on request in addition to two standard models. This way, you get the optimum hygiene protection for your individual application - for example, in public areas, industry, retail, or gastronomy.

Advantages of the HAILO Care Wall with tarpaulin:

  • Handy packaging and quick to assemble
  • Easy and compact to transport when changing locations
  • Covering made of sturdy tent window film (transparent) or tent fabric tarpaulin (black) can be written on, washable
  • Can also be used as a display for individual messages
  • Sturdy aluminium frame powder-coated in noble dark grey (slate-grey)

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