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Harvesting fruit safely

When you’re bringing in your crop of apples, pears, plums, cherries or figs, do you ever wonder why it is that the nicest specimens are always right at the top? Or perhaps you’re one of those amateur gardeners who become obsessed with getting these particular beauties into your basket. If you are, then you’ll need a safe and versatile ladder that has all the latest features to minimise the risk of accidents.

Man on a rung ladder harvesting apples

Everything in balance

With the S100 ProfiLOT aluminium rung ladder, you’ll safely harvest the lot - standing straight as a plumb line, even on bumpy ground! This extendable combination ladder reaches well over its height and provides the optimum conditions for working in the garden. The LOT system effortlessly compensates for uneven surfaces by up to 15 centimetres. Garden paths, steps and terraces are no obstacle, as our S100 ProfiLOT is easily adapted to any surface level using the foot pedal.

LOT system levels out step in the garden

And as if that’s not enough, we supply a bucket hook as a handy accessory so you’ll have something to attach your basket to whilst you’re reaching for the highest pickings!

What’s more, S100 ProfiLOT will always prove to be indispensable: for cleaning gutters, putting up nest boxes, applying wood preservative or doing small repair jobs to the exterior… there’s no end to the work the outdoor season has in store for this versatile product with a head for heights!

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