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Herbst-Garten mit fallenden Blättern und Laub

Hello autumn: How to dispose of garden waste properly

In autumn, gardens turn into colourful spectacles. The leaves fall from the trees and turn the outside world into a storybook-like landscape. But unfortunately this play of colours also has a downside: what should you do with all the leaves that have now covered your garden? In addition, in autumn it is time to take care of and prune one or two trees in your garden. As with the leaves, the cut twigs and branches must be removed. Here’s a guide on how to properly dispose of this and other garden waste and what to look out for.

What counts as garden waste?

Ultimately, all remains of plants are considered garden waste. This includes not only leaves, but also grass trimmings, weeds, and branches from trees and bushes. However, not all garden waste is the same. There are different disposal options depending on the type of plant residues you have.

Why can't you just dump garden waste into the forest?

The primary reason for this is that your garden waste can contain harmful substances. So if you simply dump it in the forest, these substances can end up in the groundwater. This will harm our environment and ultimately yourself. In addition, this is illegal and such a violation can lead to an expensive fine. So, avoid illegally disposing of waste in the forest!

What can be added to the compost heap?

If you have a compost heap in your garden, you can still get some benefit from your garden waste. However, it is important to ensure that you create a good mix of different kinds of plant waste. For example, finely chopped wood mixed with leaves and branches works well to get a suitable consistency. This variation supports the process of rotting. It is also important that no wet residue ends up on the pile, as this can cause sticking. It can also prevent sufficient airflow, and microorganisms need oxygen in order to help the refuse decompose. The leaves in your garden are in good hands when they are dry!

Can garden waste be added to organic waste?

In principle, you are allowed to dispose of certain garden waste in the organic waste bin. However, you can only dispose of small quantities, and not everything can be thrown in here. Cuttings from trees and bushes are allowed, as well as vegetable scraps or similar from beds. Weeds and flowers from your garden are also welcome in the organic waste bin. However, if you have larger quantities of garden waste, it is advisable to go to the recycling centre. This is also the disposal point of choice when wood residues such as branches, twigs or remains of the trunk have to be recycled.

A lot of garden waste is generated in autumn - but where should it go?

Since many species of trees have to be cut back in autumn and a large load of falling leaves can accumulate as a result, renting a green waste container can be an option. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different container sizes. These can be rented from the nearest disposal station and picked up again later. But beware: the container must not be filled to excess. Plant residues that protrude over the edge are not allowed. The reason for this is that it’s too high a security risk during removal. So choose the size of the container more generously. Municipal recycling centres accept green waste free of charge. For more information about where the nearest recycling centre is located, please contact your local municipality.

Can't I just burn my garden waste?

The answer is that it depends on your circumstances. Burning garden waste in your own garden is possible, but there are sometimes very strict requirements depending on where you live. It’s illegal in some places. In places where it is legal, there are often strict regulations that must be adhered to. These include, for example, periods in which the combustion may take place. The reason for this is to protect the environment and other people. So ask your municipality beforehand what is allowed and what is not.

Branches, leaves, and more – do I need a wheelbarrow now?

Do you have a manageable amount of garden waste? With the HAILO ProfiLine garbage bin liner stands (120 litres) and corresponding compostable garbage bags, you can easily collect your garden waste and then bring it to the nearest recycling centre to dispose of it yourself.

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