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Mann steht auf einer Leiter und bringt Nistkasten am Baum an.

Ladders for seniors - safe at heights even in old age

Work in the house or the garden is never truly complete. In order to carry out these continuous DIY activities safely at an advanced age, you should consciously consider the demands that they entail. Whether in the household cleaning the windows, changing the light bulb or tidying up, a lot of your work will probably occur above solid ground. This also applies to gardening, when you need to prune a few branches, or need to harvest cherries up in a tree - work at greater heights is a regular occurrence. At an older age, the safety and comfort factor become more and more important. A stable stand and sufficient space on the ladder are therefore essential.

Stability and safety

Want to get a box from the cupboard, attach a new lamp to the ceiling or attach a garland for a birthday party? A ladder you're using for high up activities should always be stable. This becomes more important the older you get. A ladder approved for the elderly should not only be non-slip and wobble-free but also provide additional support to hold on to, preventing you from falling off of it. A ladder with a high safety rail is ideal, as you can hold on and lean against it, increasing your safety immensely. A stepladder or folding step would also come  highly recommended, as these offer more stability with their wide-steps than a rung ladder.

The best ladders for seniors

Not every ladder is suitable for the demands that senior citizens will have for climbing equipment. When choosing a ladder, safety and stability should be your number one priority. HAILO offers a range of safety ladders to help you safely achieve this desired result. The models of the HAILO L100 TopLine series guarantee a notably high level of safe footing thanks to their extra deep, non-slip steps, and are stable household ladders suitable for the elderly. You can also store your tools in a storage tray and an attachment for hanging a bucket, so you don't have to climb down the ladder again. Additionally, a rail can be extended from the storage tray to provide extra safety. You can choose between three to eight steps with a maximum working height of 3.72 m. Plus, our HAILO K100 folding step is ideal as a ladder for seniors. With its particularly large steps and its stable and high safety rail, it's the best companion in your household. You’re not only provided with plenty of space, but you can also hold on to or lean against the extra high rail, helping you feel safe no matter how high up you are, or how uneven the ground is.

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