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After the winter, the first rays of sunshine that flash through the cloudy windows announce an annual ritual: House cleaning is announced! Apart from washing the curtains, one of the main tasks is the thorough cleaning of doors, windows and frames.

Especially in modern apartments and houses with open-plan layouts and generous window fronts that allow a lot of light to enter, window cleaning takes a lot of time. In addition, it often goes high up in the air. Reaching for the next best chair or other improvised climbing aids should be taboo. The risk of accidents can be reduced with a stable and high-quality stepladder.

Our HAILO L80 ComfortLine is virtually predestined for universal use. The aluminium ladder, which can take loads of up to 150 kg, has non-slip plastic feet that provide a firm foothold, and extra-wide steps with non-slip ribbing make it easy to get on and off and stand comfortably.

Super practical: cleaning agents, sponges and cloths can be deposited in the multifunctional bowl, so you always have everything you need for cleaning at hand!

All you need to do now is insert your personal favourite CD and get to work, but: be sure to take a break now and then when your concentration drops in the air. Then the cleaning action will be relaxed and spring can come!

Always everything at hand

Features of the storage tray for storing tools, paint cans or small parts

The right ladder feet for every floor

A ladder is in demand throughout the house for various activities, whether cleaning windows, dusting or hanging curtains. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as screed, tiles, parquet or marble. Conventional stepladders have the problem that they are not equally suitable for all floor coverings and therefore do not offer optimum stability on every floor.

The innovative EasyClix foot-exchange system solves precisely this problem and turns every HAILO stepladder* into a versatile all-rounder, the idea: there is a suitable foot for every floor, which can be changed in just a few easy steps!

* from year of manufacture 01/2015

Ladder with EasyClix Living replacement feet stands on parquet floor

HAILO EasyClix LIVING: The new EasyClix LIVING foot protects sensitive floor coverings such as parquet, laminate, vinyl and marble from scratches and streaks and is particularly slip-resistant.

3 steps to change ladder feet with Hailo EasyClix

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