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Odour neutralising nappy bin

Nothing is worse than the smell of used diapers coming out of the trash can and filling the whole room. Even a closed nappy pail won't help much, because the unpleasant smell will find its way out through the smallest available gap. But what can you do to spare yourself this suffering? Take every diaper outside immediately and throw it in the residual waste bin? There's an easier way! HAILO offers you an intelligent product to end this problem at the source: HAILO Fresh L, an odour-neutralising nappy bin that ensures a pleasant indoor environment, free of any annoying nappy smells.

How the HAILO Fresh enriches your life

With its sophisticated technology, the HAILO Fresh L revolutionises waste disposal, offering customers a useful everyday aid. The smell of full nappies can now become a thing of the past! This bin outperforms conventional nappy bins and offers more than the average nappy pail ever could. How? Find out below.

Woman throws nappy into a waste bin while diapering a child

Natural odour neutralisation

The HAILO Fresh L stands out amongst other nappy pails, thanks to its smart integrated odour neutralisation system. A plasma module built into the lid of the bucket ensures that up to 99% of all viruses, bacteria and odours formed inside the waste bin are neutralised*. This is possible because of the active oxygen module, which is automatically released up to four times per hour and ensures natural odour neutralisation.

Simple and noiseless

Hands full? No problem! When it comes to making everyday life easy, HAILO doesn't stop at the brilliant technology of its products. The lid of the HAILO Fresh L is equipped with a soft-close mechanism and can be opened conveniently at the touch of the foot pedal, saving you from opening it by hand. Simply open the bin using the foot pedal and throw in the nappies. Once the lid is closed, the active oxygen module automatically starts up, and the unpleasant smell dissipates.

Practical handling in modern design

The HAILO Fresh L ‘s design means there’s no reason to suspect that it’s a nappy pail at all. It is simple and modern, seamlessly fitting into every room. The high-quality materials used are reflected, not only in the way the product works but above all in its appearance. Clean yet stylish. Two words that define the HAILO Fresh L.

Long-lasting functionality through brilliant technology

The plasma module, which is located in the lid, is extremely durable and does not need replacing. It uses a rechargeable battery that only requires charging once a week for about four hours. Since no cassette system is used, you’re spared the ongoing purchase of expensive refill cassettes that need repeated replacing. For you, this means that the HAILO Fresh L does not incur high follow-up costs. Once purchased, you have a fully functioning product that requires no additional accessories. Say goodbye to costly purchases like new cassettes, individual films and other parts! Additionally, the waste bin does not need special bin liners. Standard bin liners are completely sufficient. Conventional bin liners with a 20-litre capacity are particularly suitable for the HAILO Fresh L. This way you have plenty of space and don't have to empty your rubbish every day.
 Forget about special cleaning agents! The HAILO Fresh L can be wiped down quickly and conveniently with a damp cloth and does not require any further cleaning. Waste bin hygiene has never been easier! “What’s the catch?”, you ask. There isn’t one! We at HAILO understand that stress is a constant companion to young parents. Which is why we designed this product, hoping to take some of the strain off of their everyday lives with the best nappy pail. We’ve made it our mission to create products that make life easier and give our customers real added value.

Odour neutralisation - what is it good for?

Diapers aren’t the only thing that can stink up a waste bin. The HAILO Fresh L is particularly good at providing aid where hygiene and cleanliness play an important role. Whether you like to spend your free time conjuring up a sophisticated menu in the kitchen or have a pet that needs looking after - with our odourless waste bin, you're well equipped!

Kitchen fun without smell

In summer, the high temperatures can lead to increased bacterial growth in the garbage and, thus, persistently strong odours. These come from residual or organic waste and make your stay in the kitchen anything but pleasant. With such a smelly backdrop, daily cooking loses its fun. Of course, this annoying situation can be improved by taking the garbage to the outside bin every day, but often even this is not enough. Besides, it’s not sensible or very environmentally friendly to dispose half-full garbage bags. The HAILO Fresh L's practical odour-stop system quickly remedies this situation, creating an odour-neutral environment that makes daily rubbish emptying unnecessary. The odour-neutralising waste bin is easy to use. Simply insert the usual, 20-litre capacity bin liner, throw in the waste, close the lid, activate the active oxygen module and you're done! Now nothing will stand in the way of an evening spent cooking with family or a dinner party with friends.

Odour-proof waste bin stands in a kitchen

Hamster, cat and Co.

Pets are our best friends and sweeten our everyday life. As much as the little balls of fur may enrich our lives, it can't be denied that they bring a certain smell into the house. Whether it is the hamster or rabbit hutch that needs mucking out or the litter box that needs emptying, if the litter ends up in the trash, it will smell - bad! Does the rabbit have to live outside, in the shed or the cellar so that the smell doesn't have a chance to spread all over the house? Or do you have to train your cat not to do her business indoors? No, because there is a much simpler solution. An odour-neutralising waste bin system that keeps unpleasant odours at bay and, with the use of conventional bags, offers plenty of space for unwanted litter and rubbish. This way, the HAILO Fresh L lets you get even more pleasure from your beloved four-legged friends!

Cat sitting in litter tray in front of an odour-proof bin


In the bathroom as well as in the kitchen, garbage is hard to avoid. Every day, we use various hygiene products that have to be thrown away. These often spread odours that one would rather avoid. An odour-proof rubbish bin makes this possible. The HAILO Fresh L ensures you get an odourless bathroom. Simply close the lid, and the odour disappears. Here is a waste bin that works brilliantly and looks good at the same time. The days of unpleasant smells in your bathroom are over forever!

Practical and stylish equipment for retirement homes

If you think beyond private use, the HAILO Fresh L can also be used effectively in facilities such as retirement homes. It’s not unusual for the elderly to use aids such as adult diapers. They make life easier for them. To prevent unpleasant odours from forming when disposing of these nappies, which remain in the room, you should consider buying an odour-neutralising HAILO Fresh L nappy pail. With its simple design, it blends in perfectly with almost every interior environment, but can also be a real eye-catcher. It's not only practical, it also adds a stylish touch to the room. The odour-neutralising waste bin is timeless and the perfect companion for every stage of life.

Elderly man sitting on a bed next to an odour-proof nappy bin

Kindergartens and nurseries

As previously mentioned, the HAILO Fresh L is particularly suitable for disposing nappies. It is, therefore, not only useful for private use, but also in places where many children come together - for example in kindergartens or daycare centres. This is precisely where a lot of waste is produced and where disposal of items like full nappies is part of the everyday tasks of the workers there. The HAILO Fresh L is ideal for eliminating the smell caused by the large number of diapers that accumulate. This product creates a far more pleasant working environment for nursery school teachers, childcare workers and, of course, for the children themselves.

HAILO Fresh L - everyday hero

The HAILO Fresh L is versatile and will certainly make the daily lives of many parents, pet owners and caregivers easier. With its innovative system, eliminating up to 99% of odours, viruses and bacteria*, the HAILO Fresh L has an enticing price-performance ratio. It stands out from other commercially available waste bins, thanks to its unique selling points. The use of standard bin liners makes handling easy and makes the HAILO Fresh L a cost-effective alternative to its competition. Our waste bin model combines simple functionality with innovation. It requires neither individual foils nor a cassette. That means no extra refill cassettes, custom-made bin liners or other hidden costs for you to discover later!
Full nappies, litter boxes that need to be emptied, and the strong smell of residual waste in the kitchen are no longer a problem for you. Odour-neutralising, practical, stylish and environmentally friendly - HAILO Fresh L provides you with a simple solution to your domestic odour problem! We think our waste bin sounds like the best nappy bin on the market and we would love to see you find out for yourself.

* At 70% ambient humidity and within 6h with continuously closed bin.

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