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S100 ProfiLOT Multifunktionsleiter mit Rollen

Practical help for working on a ladder

When working on a ladder, you can face various problems. Uneven surfaces or wobbly ladders are just some  examples. Whether you’re cleaning the gutter or installing ceiling lamps, safety should always be the top priority when you plan to work at significant heights. There are practical accessories that make working with ladders much easier, and offer solutions for every situation.

Different surfaces

When spring-cleaning rolls around annually, you need to prepare for work like freshening the facade and pruning the cherry tree. Work like the aforementioned examples are quite difficult without a ladder. But different surfaces require different ladders and that can get expensive. You can’t use the same ladder on delicate parquet flooring that you’d use in the garden. Fortunately, HAILO has a cheaper solution. With the HAILO EasyClix foot exchange system, you can simply change the feet of your stepladder and adapt them to the different requirements of whatever surface you’re working on. For increased safety on soft surfaces, HAILO offers safety spikes for rung ladders for extra grip on soft earth in the garden.

Working on stairs

Does the stairway wall need to be painted or would you like to hang a picture there? Setting up a ladder can be quite difficult when you’re also dealing with stairs. Fortunately, HAILO has the TP1 stair platform, which you can use to place your ladder on (up to 4 steps), so you can work in the stairway without any problems.

Painting outside walls made easy

Painting the garage usually requires a ladder to get to the upper part of the outer wall. HAILO has bucket hooks that you can easily attach to the rung ladder, preventing you from having to climb up and down, again and again, to get new paint on your roller. You can hang paint buckets, cable drums and much more on them, keeping your tools easily accessible throughout the job.

Hang-in step for a secure stand on rung ladders

Narrow rungs on a rung ladder can lead to feeling uncomfortable, especially if your task is time consuming. This can be rather unpleasant and serve to distract you from the task at hand. Because safety is particularly important in connection with ladders, HAILO's hang-in step is available for a more stable stand, increasing the tread surface and guaranteeing your safety and comfort.

Easy to transport thanks to transport wheels

Transporting a rung ladder can easily become sweat inducing work. Depending on the model, you could be lifting several kilos. With HAILO’s practical transport wheels, which can simply be slipped on, you can roll your rung ladder from location A to B with very little effort.

Space-saving storage

Once the work is done, it’s time to stow your ladder away. To save as much space as possible, HAILO has wall brackets for our ladders. Ideally, you should use two wall brackets at the same time, so you can store the ladder horizontally in the garage or cellar,  where it will be safe, protected and always ready for when you need it next.

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