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Putting up Christmas lights

Christmas is a time for reflection and family. It brings light into the darkness of winter - especially with beautiful Christmas lighting that spreads a festive mood. While some people put most of their Christmas decorations indoors, more and more people are also discovering decorations and lighting for outdoors. It’s popular to decorate, for example, the balcony or the facade. Which decorations do you prefer: outside or inside? The glowing poinsettia on the Christmas tree or warm glow of rope lights? Find the best tips for suitable Christmas lighting here.

Shining fairy lights in front of a house

The classic Christmas light chain

Fairy lights can be used almost everywhere as Christmas decorations: on the Christmas tree, on the wall outside, on the terrace, or on the window. There is a large selection of fairy lights on the market or online. However, you need to make sure that your fairy lights can be placed outside.

The dangers of fairy lights

Thanks to modern LED candles, which replace real candles, or an artificial Christmas tree, the risk of fire has been largely eliminated. But cables can easily get caught on the fairy lights while you hang them up. In addition, electricity is involved, which is why you should also worry about laying the cables out of reach of pets or children. Our tip: use cordless, battery-operated candles and lights - or even solar lights.

Christmas warmth - the advantages of LEDs

When it comes to Christmas lighting, more and more people are also looking at sustainability. We suggest replacing a normal light chain with a warm white LED light chain. The lower power consumption of LED technology is easy on your wallet and on the environment. A longer running time means that you have to repair or buy a new LED light chain less often than a chain with incandescent bulbs. Modern, warm white LEDs decorate your tree, balcony or garden with a festive light even outdoors. You can also choose from a wide range of LED lighting: LED reindeer, LED stars, LED light tubes, LED light curtains and much more.

Christmas lighting is not just fairy lights

Nowadays, there are many other Christmas decorations besides fairy lights. These decoration ideas include light-up baubles for the trees in your garden, an inflatable illuminated snowman, other Christmas figures such as Father Christmas, or even illuminated snowflakes.

Brown illuminated christmas star

Fixing Christmas lights

For many of these decorative ideas for the Christmas season, you need a ladder. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time when decorating for Christmas. There are therefore a number of things to consider when attaching Christmas lights. For example, how you’re going to fix it, or which ladder to use. There are hazards associated with both attaching the lights outdoors and hanging them indoors. Setting up and decorating the tree with Christmas decorations and fairy lights requires a high-quality and safe ladder or step. Find out how to keep safety in mind when decorating at height and which ladder to use here.

Christmas tree decorating made easy!

Even on a ladder, you often have to lean forward to hang the fairy lights, candle or ball firmly on the tree. For this purpose, HAILO has specially designed the multi-function tray and the safety grab rail on its L100 TopLine aluminium safety ladder. If your tree is not too high, you can also use a folding step to attach the lighting. Here our tip is the HAILO K100 TopLine, which also has a grab handle with a practical storage tray.

Hanging Christmas decorations outside

Once the Christmas tree is decorated, you may also want to hang outdoor lights on your private home. Particularly suitable, but also treacherous, is the gutter. A large curtain of lights or a long string of lights would fit well on your gutter. If possible, do not attach them directly to the gutter itself. but underneath, so that the LED lights are protected from the water. A sufficiently long extension cable with garden plug will allow you to connect the fairy lights in a weatherproof and safe way without tension.

When attaching the fairy lights outdoors, be aware that the ground is often less stable than indoors. Thanks to our EasyClix Garden interchangeable ladder feet, you can easily turn your stepladder into a suitable ladder for outdoor use. You can also enjoy the multi-function tray of our HAILO L100 TopLine stepladder. There you can store adhesive tape, cable ties, hooks, nails and your tools as needed. This helps if you need to drill or remove old nails before attaching the light chain.

Do you need to attach your fairy lights higher up or do you have a particularly large Christmas tree? HAILO has the right multi-functional ladder for this case too - for example, the HAILO S100 ProfiLOT, with which you can decorate your home cosily at Christmas, both outside and in. Thanks to the integrated LOT system, the fairy lights or Christmas lights can be securely fixed outside, even on uneven terrain. The HAILO S100 ProfiLOT can also be set up indoors on the wall or in front of your Christmas tree.

No matter which Christmas lights you use to decorate your tree and home this festive season, remember to put safety first.

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