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Repairing weather damage to garden houses

A small, beautiful garden house in the middle of your green oasis for nice evenings with friends or simply as additional storage space should not be missing in any garden. But what happens if after a few years this very house starts to feel the effects of the weather and humidity, the paint peels off or cracks form? This is especially the case with wooden garden houses. The material wood is susceptible to weather-related wear, cracks and the like. The moisture in winter creeps into the material and leaves damage behind. To keep your garden house in a good condition, constant care and occasional refreshing of the paint is necessary. In order to make your garden shed what it once was and to give it a new shine, we would like to give you a few tips.

The facade needs a new coat of paint

If the paint is flaking or the facade is damaged, you should consider a complete renovation of the walls. The first step in your work is to thoroughly clean the façade first. Once it has dried completely after cleaning, the old paint must be sanded down to provide a good base for the new coat of paint. But before you start painting, you should check the garden house for damage. Are the doors and windows rotten or do they show severe defects, e.g. if they are warped? Then you need to get new ones! If there are additional cracks and holes, these must be repaired. In some cases insulation and insulation is also necessary. If all defects are removed, you can give your old garden house a new coat of paint. After a primer coat, apply the desired colour. However, you should make sure to apply at least two coats of paint, each of which should dry well before the next one is applied.

The roof is leaking

If you have the impression that the roof of your summer house has areas that are no longer sealed, you should intervene immediately. In this way you can prevent far worse damage from occurring and prevent further repairs. In extreme cases, failure to intervene could mean that a complete renovation is necessary. Before you decide which measures to take, you should first check the condition of the roof. The first step is to take a look at the material used and the construction of the roof. On the basis of this, you can determine which areas need to be repaired or replaced. At this point it becomes clear whether you only need to repair the outermost layer of the roof, the so-called roof covering, or also the battens that are under the roof covering and support it. In either case it is important to act quickly.

The foundation is crumbling

Do you have the feeling that your house in the garden is crooked or even sagging? Then there seems to be a problem with the foundation. The ground as well as the foundation of your house must form a stable base. If this is no longer the case, you must act. Especially important for the foundation is protection against frost and moisture. If moisture creeps into the foundation, it can cause considerable damage, which can make the house less stable or even cause it to sink. Frost, on the other hand, can cause the ground and therefore the foundation to rise. To determine whether renovation or even renewal of the foundation is necessary, you should at best consult a professional. They can help you to answer the question of whether the damage is already so extensive that renovation is necessary.

Renovating the garden house - but how?

In addition to the right procedure, the right tools are also important. A roof renovation or the renovation of the interior and exterior walls will be difficult if you do not have the right ladder. The HAILO L100 TopLine product line offers a varied selection. Depending on the height you need, you can choose between three steps with a possible working height of 2.63 m up to eight steps with a maximum working height of 3.72 m. It not only allows you to reach all places, but also has additional storage space for buckets, brushes, tools and much more. Take a look at our product range and find the perfect ladder for your project! The work and renovation of your garden house can then safely begin!

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