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Replace or refurbish windows

Do you also have the feeling that you always find cold rooms at home despite constant heating? There is a draught through the window frames and these have also looked better before? Then you should think about taking various measures. Often it is sufficient to carry out a window renovation, but sometimes the damage is so severe that only the replacement of the windows will bring improvement.

When is it useful to renovate a window?

It is not always immediately necessary to replace your old windows with new ones. Even with a few hand movements and a little skill, a lot can still be saved without having to say goodbye to your windows completely. When is that the case?

1. The wind is blowing through the window frames

If there is a draft through the frame when the window is closed and you should feel a draft as soon as you stand in front of it, then there is a problem. Usually the cause in such a case is a leaking window. There is then a constant exchange of air, with the warm air escaping outside and the cold air coming in. This is not only unpleasant, but will also have an effect on your heating costs.

What can you do against leaky windows?

Don't worry, you don't have to replace your windows yet. A renovation is sufficient in this case. You should get sealing tape at the DIY store of your choice. These are applied to the cleaned window frames and seal your windows again. You should take care to clean the areas thoroughly beforehand and remove all grease residues. In addition, the outside temperature should not be too low so that the sealing tapes remain stuck.

2. The thermal insulation is bad

For example, do you live in a chic old building? Then it may well be that your windows are not double glazed. This is the norm nowadays, but it was not the case in the 80s. Thermal insulation glazing also only found its way into window construction after 1995. So if you have windows that were used before 1995, you can assume that there is a problem with the thermal insulation. This leads to a considerable loss of heat through the windows and causes you enormous heating costs.

What can be done about missing thermal insulation?

In this case you have two options: You renovate your windows with the help of an insulating film or you replace the window with a new one. If you decide to renovate, you can quickly and cheaply attach an insulating film to the window pane, which leads to better heat insulation. Of course, it does not insulate as well as thermal glazing would, but it is still a good solution to combat heat loss. However, the only permanent solution is to replace the windows. However, you should do this at the latest if your windows were installed before 1980. Modern double-glazing and thermal insulation will solve your problem in no time.

3. The window frames show clear signs of wear

Your window frames do not look very good anymore and you can already see clear traces left by the weather? The paint is yellowing, flaking off or cracks appear? This is not particularly nice, but inevitably happens when the windows reach a certain age and have been exposed to the sun and the weather. In any case, you should then give your windows a new shine with a few simple renovation measures.

What can you do against wear and tear of the window frames?

If you are faced with this problem, there is a simple solution that you can implement without a specialist: Paint. Of course it is important to remove the traces of wear and tear first. This could be, for example, removing mould or flaking paint. In order to protect everything from the paint and to ensure that the frame can be painted without any problems, you should then mask off the areas around the window. Depending on the material of the frame, there are different factors to consider: For example, wood and plastic require roughening.

When is it useful to replace a window?

If the renovation measures do not lead to the desired success, a new window must be installed. As already described, age is a good indication of whether replacement is necessary. Windows that were installed before 1980 should always be replaced, as the cost savings due to the lower energy consumption after replacement are so high that the cost of replacing the window is recouped. This is the case because before 1980 single glazing was the norm and this has far too little thermal insulation performance compared to the new windows.

Regardless of whether you decide to renovate or replace the window: We are at your side with our high quality products. Our rung ladders take you safely to each of your windows.

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