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Rescue cats from the tree: The helper in need

You are outdoors enjoying the sun, or in the middle of gardening when suddenly you hear a pitiful meowing. You’re curious about the source of the sound. There’s no cat around. You let your eyes wander through the surroundings and - there! A cat sits high up in a tree between the branches and tries to draw attention to itself. But how did it get up there, how can you rescue it from the airy height and when should you call the fire brigade?

How did the cat get up the tree?

It is difficult to determine the specific reason why a cat ends up in a tree. Maybe it was running away from a dog or chasing a bird. Cats’ claws make it easy for them to climb trees. However, coming down is quite a different story, often leading them to getting stuck.

Getting the cat from the tree

Before you pick up the phone and contact the fire brigade or any other institution, you should first try to get the cat out of the tree yourself. There are several methods you can use to encourage the animal to the ground.

1. Talk to the cat

If the cat is your pet, call for it. The sound of an owner's familiar voice can work wonders. Make sure there are not too many people and especially no dogs around the tree. This will encourage your cat to make her way down.

2. Lure the cat

Give the cat an incentive to overcome whatever is keeping her in the tree. Food, in most cases, works well. If you know what that particular animal likes, try to lure her with those treats. If you do not know the animal, put the food at the foot of the tree and stand back to give her some space. A stranger might intimidate the cat, and motivate her to stay up there.

3. Climbing up

As a last resort, you can climb up to hurry to the kitten's rescue. Of course, you should only do this if you are not putting yourself in danger. Choose a fixed ladder and make sure that you are not alone when you begin the climb. If you need help, someone else must be present. Make sure that the ladder is stable. As your cat is probably very frightened, you can expect to get one or two scratches. Cover your arms and hands with gloves and long sleeves to prevent this. After all the preparations have been made, you can start with the rescue operation.

When you have reached the cat, grab her firmly by the neck. Be careful, but don’t be overly gentle. Excitement could be transferred to the animal and make the rescue more difficult. If possible, put the cat in a carrier after you’ve grabbed it. This will make bringing you and the cat safely back to the ground easier.

When to call the fire department

If all attempts are unsuccessful and the animal is still sitting in the tree after 24 hours, you should first call animal welfare, a nearby relief organisation or a similar organisation and ask for help. Another option that you may consider is to contact the agency for technical relief. The fire department should not be your first port of call! Although rescuing  animals is part of their job, this is only the case if the animal’s life is in danger. Weigh up the situation carefully and seek support elsewhere first.

What is the best way to approach the cat in the tree?

If you have decided to rescue the cat by yourself, you should always use a suitable ladder. One that is stable and safe even on uneven ground is the best solution. With the HAILO S100 ProfiLot, you can stand firmly under the tree thanks to the clever LOT system, which compensates for uneven ground of up to 15 cm. Depending on the number of rungs selected, you can reach a working height of up to 9 m. This not only makes you an everyday hero as a cat rescuer, but also perfectly equips you for any gardening jobs you have!

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