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Frau steht neben einer Leiter, die auf Treppen steht

Safe use of ladders on stairs and in stairwells

Working in stairwells can come with certain hazards. Setting up a ladder on stairs seems an almost impossible task, as there is more potential for accidents than in almost any other place. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary, whether it’s to clean a window, paint the wall, or put up decorations. Here’s a guide on using ladders on stairs without putting yourself or others in danger. In any case, you should refrain from using a rickety do-it-yourself solution, as many accidents happen due to improper use.

Challenge: Uneven ground

The main problem with a staircase is that the ground on which the ladder has to stand is not level. The individual steps are at different heights, and the use of a stepladder or a single ladder seems almost impossible. Stability and a secure footing are not given here. Because of this, it is usually impossible to work safely at great heights on the stairs.

Adjustable ladders as a solution

For this purpose, there is the option of purchasing either the HAILO S100 ProfiLOT, whose two smaller models have stair adjustment, or the height-adjustable HAILO M80 multifunctional ladder. The HAILO S100 ProfiLOT can be used as a single, extension, or double ladder. The HAILO M80 can be used as a double-sided stepladder and staircase ladder, among other things. The required height can be individually adjusted by means of lateral locking handles.

How to create a level surface for your ladder

If you already have a ladder and do not want to purchase an additional ladder specially designed for stairs or simply want more space when working, the HAILO TP1 stair platform is your solution. The HAILO TP1 can be used purely as a work platform or as a base for all HAILO folding steps up to and including four steps. It is designed for use on steps and can be used on most straight and spiral staircases. You can flexibly adapt it to the step sizes of your staircase and so that you can create an optimal base for setting up your ladder. This bridges the area between stair treads and allows you to set up a normal ladder up to a maximum of four steps. This way you create more safety and stability. You no longer need to hire a specialist to paint your staircase!

Multi-purpose ladder or stair landing - which is the better choice?

You should choose your ladder depending on what you hope to get out of the product. The advantage of a multi-purpose ladder is that you can not only use it in a limited way in one place, but you can fall back on it in many situations. In the HAILO range you will find the M80 multi-purpose ladder, which is ideal for such an environment, but also for many others. The aluminium ladder can not only be used as a ladder on stairs, but also as a single ladder or extension ladder, among other things. This means that it can be used not only for all activities on the stairs, but also in the household and garden.

A stair landing on the other side is primarily there to compensate for differences in height. It can be used in combination with a simple ladder. It gives you more space to move and more stability. The HAILO TP1 work platform is particularly suitable here. This can be used with HAILO folding steps and stepladders with up to four steps. The non-slip surface embedded in an aluminium frame makes the platform ideal for working on stairs. Particularly in narrow stairwells with spiral staircases, where ladders with stair adjustment are difficult or impossible to use, the HAILO TP1 is a good, safe alternative. You won't even notice that you’re standing on a staircase!

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