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Six beautiful ideas for hiding your waste bins

They are unsightly, bulky and give off an unpleasant odour: waste bins do not look pretty in front of your house. For this reason, more and more people attempt to hide their bins, be it behind a privacy screen or in a box. In the following, we will give you some tips on how to banish these unattractive bins from view.

Closed waste bin boxes as a compact solution

The first option is particularly popular: if you have enough space on your property, a closed box made of wood, metal or concrete is a good way to conceal your bins. This way, the bins are stored safely and compactly, but do not spoil the view of your beautiful front garden.

Bin cabinets and bin boxes are available in many DIY stores and specialist shops and are usually offered in different materials. Cabinet variants made of stainless steel are particularly durable, as they are resistant to weathering. From a practical point of view, steel cabinets are clearly superior to cladding made of natural materials such as wood, willow, or bamboo. However, many homeowners appreciate the natural look of materials like wood. If you prefer the wood, you should make sure to paint the wooden slats with a new protective glaze every few years to prevent weather damage. Alternatively, a combination of wood and a robust material such as stainless steel is also possible. So how about a mix of materials? While the walls of the cabinet can be made of wood, the lid of the cabinet could be made of stainless steel, which means that rain cannot harm it.

Where security also plays a greater role, you can get a bin box with a lockable door. Often bin boxes are so large that they are also suitable for storing garden tools, potting soil, barbecue charcoal, and other items.

Permanently installed privacy screens

A quickly installed solution behind which you can hide your bins are privacy screens, which are available in various designs from specialist dealers. Of course, you can also choose between natural materials such as wicker fences and wooden slats or more robust materials such as metal or stainless steel. Regardless of the material chosen, however, it’s necessary to anchor the privacy screen in the ground so that it’s immune to storms.

In addition to permanently installed privacy screens, there are also variants on castors available in the trade. The advantage of this is that they can be moved, which means you do not have to commit to a fixed bin location on your property. However, here too, it is important to ensure that the mobile screens are securely fixed in the event of a storm, for example by chaining them down.

Modern gravel grids as stylish cladding

For those who prefer something more rustic, a gravel grid is the right choice for concealing the bins. The so-called gabions consist of coarse rock fragments that are piled up in a wire frame. In this way, you give your garden area a modern style and the ugly waste bins remain well hidden behind a chic stone lattice.

Natural privacy screens made of hedges and shrubs

Another option is to hide the bins with a natural privacy screen that blends seamlessly into the garden design. Hedges and shrubs can be planted as a fence around the bins so that your carefully tended garden does not lose its charm. It is up to you whether you choose to store your bins in front of or behind the house. If you keep them in front of the house, they do not have to be manoeuvred around the house every time they are emptied. On the other hand, you may prefer a more minimalist approach to the front of the house. In this case, consider the natural privacy screen behind the house.

Fragrant climbing plants as a natural hiding place

A trellis with tall roses or other colourful plants can also conceal bins in a natural, attractive way. Climbing plants can quickly grow up high trellises and thus discreetly move your bins into the background. A range of plant species is available for this purpose. If you like it plain and green, go for ivy, which is fast-growing and easy to maintain. If you like it colourful, flowering climbers are the right choice. We recommend using perennial and hardy plants, as this way you can enjoy the fragrant plant for a long time. Suitable plants include, for example, the woodland vine, the blue vine, the climbing hydrangea or the classic climbing rose.

Creative waste bin cladding

No space available? In this case, it’s time to get creative! Thanks to countless decorative films, which can be stuck onto the bins quickly and easily, your bins are beautified in no time at all. Whether the film depicts a garden, forest, or field of flowers, dressing up the bins is extraordinarily easy and fun too! If you don't want to buy foil, you can of course take matters into your own hands. Grab a paintbrush and acrylic paint and get started. And why not get the kids involved too? Painting the bins can quickly become a fun project for the whole family. It's also conceivable to stick a collage of colourful, laminated pictures on the bins - there are no limits to your creativity. This is a really simple DIY idea that turns your outdoor space into something really special.

Many ways to make your bins disappear

As you can see, there are plenty of creative ideas to say goodbye to unsightly bins. You can now decide which one is right for you according to your personal style. Finally, a pro tip from us: make sure that the bins are placed in a shady spot to prevent bad smells.

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