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Fenster putzen im Frühling

Spring cleaning at the beginning of spring

Finally the time has come: spring has awakened! The days are getting longer again and the first warm sunrays are shining through the windows. However, the dust that has accumulated in hidden corners over the winter days also becomes visible. Time to reach for a rag and bring order, cleanliness and a breath of fresh air back into your home! So that you can tackle your spring cleaning in a well-organised way, we have set out the best cleaning tips for you in a 5-step plan.

Step 1: Which cleaning utensils do I need?

Before you start with the basic cleaning, you should first get an overview of whether you have all the necessary cleaning utensils at hand. All-purpose microfibre cloths, sponge, cleaning bucket, a sturdy ladder - and you're ready to go! All that is missing is the right cleaning agent. Numerous cleaning agents are available in the trade. You will find a special agent for every conceivable surface and every stain. However, most of them are expensive, pollute the environment and are not even necessary. As a rule, two to three cleaning agents in combination with ordinary household products are sufficient to master spring cleaning with flying colours. In the best case, your repertoire should include the following proven standard products:

  • All-purpose cleaner for floors and surfaces
  • Glass cleaner for windows, glass and mirrors
  • Citric acid or vinegar essence for removing lime
  • Scouring milk for incrustations and stubborn dirt

Step 2: Cleaning up and mucking out

The best way to start spring-cleaning is to start by tidying up the apartment. Room by room, all the objects lying around should be put back in place. The tidy stowage in shelves, cupboards and drawers is followed by the clearing out. Because spring-cleaning is the ideal opportunity to separate from old and superfluous things. Free yourself from the old and create space for the new!

An effective method of sorting out is to assign the useless things to three stacks: One pile for things you want to dispose of. A second stack for things you want to give away or donate. The third pile is for things you are unsure about and therefore want to keep. Stow these things in a box in the attic or basement and write the current year on it. If you have not needed these things in the course of a year, you can part with them in good conscience the next time you spring-clean a year later.

Step 3: Window cleaning

Take a sturdy ladder and make sure that it is carefully positioned. Start by cleaning the frame. Then it's the window panes' turn: first soap the inside and outside with a microfibre cloth and then use the window wiper to wipe them off in serpentine lines - you've done it! Do not forget: Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to wash the curtains.

Step 4: Dusting and cleaning the floors

Now it's time to get down to business: it's time to clean up the dust in the living rooms. It's best to wipe shelves from top to bottom, so that you can use a cloth to pick up any falling dust in the next shelf. Don't forget to wipe off classic dust traps such as plants or decorative objects. The floors should only be wiped afterwards.

Woman folds pullovers, cleans a window on a ladder and wipes a table

Step 5: Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom

Final spurt: Kitchen and bathroom take up a lot of time again - but it's worth it! The two rooms should be cleaned last, because water has to be fetched again and again and objects have to be rinsed. Clean cupboards in the bathroom and kitchen from the inside and outside before you turn to tiles and worktops. Spring-cleaning also includes cleaning electrical appliances such as the fridge and stove as well as the dishwasher and washing machine. Pay particular attention to cleaning rubber seals in the latter two, as food residue or foreign bodies often collect here and thus easily attract mould.
Done! After these five steps, it is time to pause and enjoy the satisfied feeling after the work is done. You can be proud of yourself! Now your home is ready to let spring in.

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