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Systematic home improvement

Full power to the top: When repairing and converting, a ladder with professional qualities is required. Do you want to plaster walls, renew wooden ceilings, attach insulation boards or mount suspended shelves? Then you need active support. Aluminium ladders with the red dot create optimal conditions for all-round successful renovation projects - indoors and outdoors!

With the L100 TopLine, deep XXL steps with anti-slip ribbing make it easier to climb up and down. The aluminium ladder, which can carry a load of up to 150 kg, has a safety bar that can be pulled out as required. For standing on the top platform, this handle has the ideal height for leaning against and holding on to.

Young man on a stepladder painting a wall

Utensils such as nails, brushes, adhesive tape, paint cans or sponges are in good hands in the practical multi-functional storage tray. It also has two slots, a universal hook, a bucket loop and a rod holder for attaching larger tools such as hammer, screwdriver or window cleaner.

The basic equipment of the Allrounder also includes the typical HAILO EasyClix Basic feet, which can be changed at any time as required. The EasyClix Living exchangeable foot set, available as an accessory, protects sensitive floor coverings such as parquet flooring from scratches and is absolutely slip-proof. The plate-shaped EasyClix Garden Feet are perfect for soft garden floors. So there is a suitable foot for every surface.

A platform lock also ensures that the platform is securely locked and unlocked.

Always everything at hand

Features of the storage tray for storing tools, paint cans or small parts

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