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The right ladder for working in the garden

If you have a garden, you know how much work can go into it over the course of a year. From small jobs like watering flowers or pruning hedges to picking cherries from the tree or cutting branches and twigs - there is always something to do! Uneven ground can be a problem when gardening, especially if it’s caused by a slope, or soft ground, as any ladder stands quickly lose their stability. Similarly, very tall trees often have to be climbed, and a suitable ladder is required for this too. At HAILO, we have several ladders ready to combat these specific problems.

Working on a slope or uneven ground

If your garden is on uneven ground or is even on a slope, then your ladder needs to be chosen wisely. The same applies if there are stone steps, for example, in your garden that would contribute to the unevenness of the ground when you attempt to get to a tree or other plant. The most recommendable type of ladder in this situation, would be adjustable and made of high-quality aluminium instead of wood, so you can bridge height differences of up to 15 cm caused by steps or unevenness in the ground. This may not seem necessary to you, but remember, your choice of ladder is of utmost importance in an environment where your level of safety is impacted by the quality and flexibility of your tools.

Person on a ladder pruning a tree with loppers, the ladder is on uneven ground

Reach the highest fruit during the harvest

When harvesting fruit, you may have to go very high to reach the juicy fruit at the top of the tree. You need to consider the working height of your ladder in this case. But height is not the only consideration you need to make. The stability of your ladder is particularly important here. When buying a ladder pay attention to the safety-relevant factors such as a stabilising crossbar as well as the height. It may be in your best interests to consider a free-standing, erectable ladder since leaning against branches or treetops poses the danger of slipping!

A person stands on an extension ladder while harvesting apples

Small and large helpers for gardening

For both uneven gardens and tall fruit trees, HAILO has the right solution for you. For uneven ground, you should use the versatile HAILO S100 ProfiLOT aluminium ladder. The practical integrated LOT system enables you to level out uneven ground with a difference of up to 15 cm. The three-part HAILO S100 can also be set up free-standing, offering an additional safety aspect. If you want to climb the trunk of the highest tree in your garden all the way up to the crown, the HAILO S80 ProfiStep duo is the best choice for you. This two-piece garden tool made of aluminium can be extended and allows a working height of up to 9.50 m with a maximum of 2 x 18 rungs. All our models offer non-slip ribbing on the rungs for better grip. Most of our ladders also come with a stable crossbeam, making gardening easy!

A satisfied person leans against a ladder after work and smiles

For extra safety and stability when climbing ladders, we recommend using our safety twist locks. The tips dig into the garden soil and prevent the ladder from slipping. This accessory product can be attached to the HAILO S60 and S80 extension and sliding ladders and the S100 (however, only on the side without the ProfiLOT system).

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