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Waste in the bathroom

Not only in the kitchen does a lot of waste accumulate in everyday life, but also in the bathroom. Although the type of waste in the bathroom is not as varied as in the kitchen, it still makes sense to use a pedal bin in the form of a cosmetics bin in your bathroom. In addition, waste separation is also important here, because it is not always just residual waste. As a rule, a lot of plastic waste accumulates, especially in the bathroom.

What kind of waste is generated in the bathroom?

Some people may wonder whether there is really so much waste in the bathroom that you should have your own waste bin there. However, if you think about all the waste that ends up in the bathroom, the answer is clear: a cosmetics bin makes a lot of sense. In addition to hygiene articles such as tampons and sanitary towels, cotton buds, cotton pads, and tissues often end up in the waste bin. Since these have no place in the toilet and going to the kitchen every time takes up unnecessary time, it’s a good idea to keep a small waste bin in the bathroom.

To prevent hygiene products from being flushed down the toilet instead of being properly disposed of in the cosmetics bin, you should also place a pedal bin in the guest WC. The lid keeps the smell in the waste bin bucket and hides its contents.

Plastic waste in the bathroom

It may surprise you, but we all generate a lot of plastic waste, especially in the bathroom. Every time you finish a bottle of shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, or face cream, you are producing waste. Usually, the containers of these products are made of plastic.

Note that these empty packages do not belong in the cosmetics bin in the bathroom. You only collect residual waste there. The plastic, on the other hand, belongs in the yellow bag. So, as you can see, waste separation does not only take place in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom.

How do you avoid waste in the bathroom?

Of course, a certain amount of waste is produced every day. However, if you want to reduce the amount of waste in the bathroom, there are a few things you can consider.

It is possible to produce less plastic waste without much effort: The solution is to use refill packs. You don't have to buy a new soap dispenser every time. You can refill it again and again instead of throwing it away and buying a new one. In addition, there is the option of using soap and shampoo in the form of bars, which also avoids waste as no plastic containers are used. It is also easy to minimise the use of make-up wipes or cotton pads by using other products instead, such as washable pads to remove make-up.

Which bin is best for the bathroom? Pedal bin vs. swing-top bin

A waste bin is not only practical, but can also contribute to the overall appearance of your bathroom as a bathroom accessory in a stylish design. A cosmetic bin can take on different forms: swing top bucket or pedal bucket. But which of the two is the better choice? The advantage of a pedal bin over a waste bin with a swing lid is that the lid is more airtight. This means that the smell stays inside the bin better than it would with a swing lid bin. In addition, you can open the cosmetic bin simply and easily by pedalling with your foot without having to touch it. The practical operation of a pedal bin therefore speaks for itself.

Waste bin models for the modern bathroom

If you are now looking for a suitable cosmetic bin that fits perfectly into your bathroom, you have come to the right place. At HAILO, we offer high-quality pedal bins made of stainless steel with different capacities in our range. All waste bins combine their elegant design with quality, thanks to our premium materials. Each model is made of stainless steel and can be chosen in different colours to match the colour scheme of your bathroom. Depending on your needs, there are waste bins with a volume up to four litres. The HAILO Pure S pedal bin, made of stainless steel, also shines with a matching bin liner clamping ring system that keeps the bin liner in place. Thanks to an integrated soft-close mechanism, it closes almost silently. This will turn your bathroom into a real eye-catcher!

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