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October 11, 2021 | Professional

Fall protection on flat roofs with HAILO safety railing at ladder exit

According to DIN EN ISO 14122-4, DIN 14094 and DIN 18799-3, fixed ladders with possible fall heights above 3 m must be equipped with devices to protect against falls. The HAILO Professional side exit railing is used for personal safety when entering and exiting fixed ladders onto a roof surface and exceeds the normative requirements of 1.50m per side from the ladder axis. The railing is attached to the exit unit of the ladder. The railing is stabilized by means of plastic-coated concrete weights. This ensures a penetration-free installation without the formation of thermal bridges. Thanks to the modular system structure, as well as the lightweight aluminum construction, the assembly can be carried out in a very short time. Depending on the condition of the roof (with or without parapet), the safety railing is additionally equipped with a baseboard.

  •     Installation without drilling or interventions in the roof sealing
  •     No thermal bridges
  •     Ballast weights with highly resistant polyethylene sheathing
  •     Both sides 1.70m from ladder axis / 1.40m effective length
  •     Fast installation due to modular system components
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