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June 29, 2020 | Built-In Technology

HAILO Care Wall: Partitioning protective screen for more hygiene and safety

New hygiene solutions are essential if the spread of infections is to be stemmed. Hailo has developed a protective screen system that not only solves this problem but is also easy to assemble, smart to handle and to move. It can be quickly disassembled and transported as required.

Whether in the factory or office, at counters, in public buildings, museums, restaurants, or many other areas, the HAILO Care Wall will keep you on the safe side – particularly in places where it is difficult to keep to the recommended social distancing.

The lightweight aluminium stand with mounted protective clear foil or black tarp reduces the risk of direct droplet infection, without hindering communication and sight. The free-standing partition separates people, and eliminates the risk of physical contact. The screen is available in 2 different sizes and in 2 versions.

Hygiene Protection Screen for many different applications.

Our solutions for protection against coughs and sneezes offer more hygiene and safety for you, your employees and your guests, without hindering communication.
To meet a wide range of requirements and possible uses, we can offer customised versions on request, as well as the two serial models. This means you can ensure the optimum hygiene protection for your specific case – whether in a public space, industry, retail outlets, or the hospitality sector.

Benefits of the Hailo Care Wall with clear foil or black tarp:

  • Comes in a handy box, quick to assemble, easy to stow away
  • Lightweight and compact for transport to another location
  • Screen made of sturdy tent window foil (transparent), or of coated fabric tarp (black), writeable, washable clean
  • Can also be used as a display for individual messages, infos or menues
  • Sturdy aluminium frame in elegant slate grey, powder-coated
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