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May 14, 2024 | Built-In Technology

HAILO Cargo Aqua

The HAILO Cargo Aqua is a waste separation system for front pull-out cabinets in which a water purifier is to be integrated at the side.
Thanks to the metal housing explicitly designed for this purpose, the Cargo Aqua only requires one side of the base cabinet to connect the pull-out rail, while the sturdy sheet steel housing, free-standing in the room, serves as the opposite side for the second rail connection.
This makes it possible to keep a space free at the side of the cabinet to accommodate water purifiers, water dispensers or similar items, for example.

The waste separation system has been designed for cabinet widths of 600 mm, 750 mm and 900 mm and can be installed on the left or right of the cabinet as required.
Matching front connection fittings are included.

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