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April 29, 2021 | Built-In Technology

Hailo Pet station: Pet feeding and more in kitchen and utility room

The pet station from HAILO: Comfort for dog, cat & co.

Around 25 million dogs and cats live in German households. And the trend is rising. This means that the demand for smart solutions for the coexistence of animals and humans is also growing. HAILO 's pet station now makes feeding dogs, cats & co. more convenient: an innovative feeding station that, with the help of additional storage modules, can be turned into a central storage place for all pet accessories in no time at all.

Pets, and especially dogs, have a close relationship with their human caregivers. This also means that they like to spend time where their owners feel comfortable. The kitchen is of particular importance in this respect. It is the food and meeting place for the whole family, where people talk, play board games and eat their meals. More and more people are therefore taking the needs of their pets into account when designing their kitchens. With the pet station, which is being presented on the occasion of interzum @home, HAILO is now offering the kitchen industry and retailers the opportunity to respond to this wish.

In focus: the new feeding station

The clever built-in solution for the kitchen or utility room is simply integrated into the cabinet. The feeding station fits any kitchen cabinet hinged door from 40 cm wide, disappears invisibly into the cabinet - and can of course also be retrofitted in existing kitchens. Thus the domestic animal has its firm "dining table" directly with its owners.

Depending on requirements, the feeding station is equipped with one or two bowls. So that dog and cat cannot push them freely through the kitchen, the bowls are fixed on a rounded platform. The feeding station can be lowered to the floor after opening the door and can be pulled up and folded away directly after feeding is finished. Stumbling or knocking over feeding containers that are standing around in the way is thus a thing of the past. And the feeding station is also mobile: Thanks to the hooking and unhooking function and the practical carrying handle, the entire unit can be effortlessly removed, transported and placed in a different location.

Useful accessories for a complete pet station

Accompanying the feeding station is a range of practical storage modules that make an ideal addition. A shelf made of powder-coated metal can be used to place food packages and other utensils. The integrated sweeping set helps with quick cleaning when something goes wrong.

HAILO FlexiKit, the universal box made of impact-resistant plastic, is used for storing accessories. Whether leash, hairbrush, claw scissors, tick tongs, vaccination book - everything finds its place. The box is equipped with a transparent hinged lid and several integrated, stackable storage compartments. The box is complemented by a pull-out shelf that can be used to bring it in front of the cabinet for easy access. The tray is designed for cabinets with a width of 45 cm. It has a high load-bearing capacity and runs smoothly when being pushed in and out.

Feeding station, storage shelf and FlexiKit, HAILO now has a complete pet station on offer, which provides a central and orderly storage place for food and all pet accessories.

Hailo Pet station
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