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April 26, 2021 | Built-In Technology

Living becomes smart: HAILO Libero 3.0 with voice control

Convenience and simplification: These terms are at the heart of the major "smart home" trend in the furnishing industry - and repeatedly at the heart of HAILO's product development. With Libero 3.0, HAILO is taking up this theme and continuing its innovation offensive. The intelligent door opener listens to the word: connected to the Alexa voice control system, the device is now activated by voice message.

In the "smart home," the achievements of digitization increase living comfort. A topic with great potential - also for HAILO: "Customer benefit is the keyword here," says Martin Mies. "When it comes to the topic of 'smart home', not everything that is being developed today will certainly catch on. But those applications that make life easier for the end customer have a good chance of establishing themselves on the market."

One feature that has already been very successful in other areas is voice control. To set complex processes in motion, the user merely needs to communicate with voice software. "This is actually a strong service in many areas," says Martin Mies. "Especially where all hands are needed for other activities, activating technology by voice is enormously practical."

The Libero 3.0's smart technology is especially useful when you don't have a hand free while preparing food in the kitchen. The simple opening of the trash cabinet pull-out by foot control or voice command also prevents soiling of the handle panel or the front of the cabinet, as this is done without contact.

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