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CopperBag by Hailo

Since last year, we have been tracking a truly remarkable trajectory: copper - normally found in technical applications - has taken home interiors by storm.

No doubt its rise in popularity is due to its intense reddish glow. Accessories in copper tones conjure up elegance and warmth in any setting and will enrich even a puristic and somewhat cool interior decor. Even everyday utensils are elevated to an undreamt-of status.

Hailo has now discovered this fascinating material for itself and is launching a bin that is sure to attract admiring glances. The manufacturer has combined the current trend in copper with an unusual "used" look, as the CopperBag brings to mind a crumpled paper bag standing open and waiting to receive its contents. At the same time, the design concept holds a surprise with an all-round gleaming finish, as the bin is fabricated from pure copper. This special duality of material and form has a charming impact, with the light breaking on the textured exterior and producing glinting reflexes of light and dark - and each one a little bit different, as CopperBags are all one-off creations.

For lovers of vintage which is very much en vogue, Hailo also supplies an oxidised version in which the copper surface is a star in its own right. Creating a look of having aged over the years is achieved by means of an elaborate technique.

To ensure that these metal bins are stable and delicate floor surfaces are protected, they are fitted with non-slip soft neoprene base pads. These chic bins - Made in Germany to boot - have a huge amount of capacity for storing paper, newspapers and magazines. It’s a superb gift for anyone who loves to incorporate unusual ideas with design appeal into everyday life - as is the AluBag, its glamorous counterpart in aluminium!