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Hailo a Partner of the Innovation Store in Pulheim

Experience commercial innovation live. - As a partner of the Innovation Store, Hailo is joining forces with the IFH Köln institute for commercial research, Knauber Freizeit GmbH and 13 other partners to create a cross-channel experimentation area for the commerce of the future.

What will tomorrow’s retail world look like? What innovations will shape the commerce of the future? These questions are at the heart of the new Innovation Store, which will be officially opened on the premises of the Knauber Store in Pulheim on 24 September 2014. Hailo is also on board the project. In addition to Hailo, 13 other network partners from the consumer goods industry and commercial service providers as well as the initiators - IFH Köln and Knauber Freizeit GmbH - are involved in the wide-ranging cooperation project.

The Innovation Store will create space for the trialling of innovative commercial concepts for the sales floor and new strategies for linking online and offline channels in a way that brings added value to the customer. The Store will therefore be a place of experience, a platform for dialogue and a test laboratory at one and the same time that will benefit both customers and the participating dealers, manufacturers and service providers: for customers the Innovation Store is a unique retail experience, while network partners can gain valuable first-hand knowledge of the success potential of their concepts.

The Innovation Store offers projects geared to the core areas of expertise of commerce, from improved product presentation using the latest technology to services that make shopping a highly convenient experience.