Hailo On-Top

Practical Bio-Pullout Lid with multi-functional, covered containers.

Hailo "On-Top", the practical Bio-Pullout extension lid to combine with various waste-recycling systems in 60 cm base-cabinets with front-mount-door.
The two covered containers are ideally designed to collect and to dispose of organic waste, that occurs during peeling of potatoes, or skinning of fruits, and while preparing meals.
Without any need to bow down to a bio-bin, these containers may be placed on the work-top, for immediate collection of potato-peels, or fruit-skins, etc., which may easily be disposed of, afterwards.
The two-coloured containers are made from high-grade two-component plastics, and are impact resistant, food safe, and dishwasher proof.
Thanks to the additional plastic-lids, the containers may also be used to hide away the bio-waste, sepa - rate from the remaining trash, for timely disposal.