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Hailo Q - new design in a class of its own

We live in a time of mobility and change and when a large degree of flexibility is expected of people. What this calls for is an adaptable home.

The things that surround us should be designed so that they can coordinate with constantly changing circumstances and are suitably versatile. Multifunctionality is the byword.

It’s an exciting task that faces designers and it calls for clever ideas. Hailo recognised this trend some time ago and has launched unique product ideas time and again in recent years. The latest offering is the Hailo Q, an innovative stool that has two handy uses. Whatever the need, it can be used as a seat, depository, table or footrest. Covered in imitation leather or felt, this stand-alone item of furniture brings a simple elegance to the lounge, dining room or bedroom.

At the same time, this all-rounder doesn’t fall short when it comes to convenience. Placed in an upright position, it provides a stool at a comfortable height and - together with the padded seat - represents an impressive package. What’s more, the lightweight cuboid is fitted with a loop, making it easy to carry and reposition.

Coming from a renowned company famous for its ladder systems, the Hailo Q provides a step up as well. When the stool - which has a maximum load capacity of 150 kg - is tipped over and is lying on the floor, it makes a very comfortable step. Well designed for this sort of treatment, it has a resilient step surface in a contrasting colour. For even greater stability, the stool is fitted with soft grip pads which guarantee optimum stability and non-slip reliability on all surfaces.

The Hailo Q is available in three versions: in imitation leather with a brown/grey or cream/black colour contrast and in grey felt.