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Two colours - one waste bin: Hailo TOPdesign Bicolor

It’s all in the mix! When it comes to bicoloured products, most people think of jewellery, handbags, tableware, furniture and those hot city hatchbacks you see out on the roads.

Now Hailo has discovered the trendy bicolour concept for itself and expanded its successful range of waste bins with an unconventional variation in design. This contrasting range for kitchens, living space and working space is packed full of surprising effects.

The colours mutually create a dynamic and down-to-earth feature: the body of the waste bin in elegant Black dominates the look, while the various partner colours - Red, White, Silver and Vanilla - define the tonality on the lid and pedal.

Black and Red deliver a strong colour statement and are a real eye-catcher in any setting. White and Silver generate a cool contrast, while soft Vanilla matches the current pastel shades beautifully - and experimenting is allowed!

Hailo supplies a popular classic in the hot bicolour look with the TOPdesign M waste bin. Like all Hailo bin models, it impresses with a high level of quality and functionality as well as outstanding performance characteristics.