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Waste bins that want to be noticed: New trend colours by Hailo

Modern lifestyle is what it’s all about in the latest colours selected by Hailo this year for its extensive waste bin portfolio: they’re fashionable across the whole range and have just what it takes to fill an exciting and active role in staging a personalised lifestyle.

Burdundy heads the palette - a deep ruby red that currently occupies top place in trendsetter league tables. Doubtless the inspiration here is the wine of the same name, introducing a sensuous nuance with a seductive note and creating a great impact by association. The colour is powerful and stylish and yet at the same time natural as well. As a result, it works well in a neutral setting with stone and earthy tones or variations of grey. In combination with clear white, it provides for genteel restraint with its smooth and refined vibrancy.

Making its grand entrance at Hailo alongside Burgundy is Honey, a warm golden yellow to lighten the mood. This sunny power colour is a real looker and comes into its full effect teamed up with black and anthracite or dark woods.

Mandarin and Lime join the selection to inject an emphasis on freshness into the home - with one tangy and charged with energy and the other cheeky and fruity. Both bring a summery jauntiness to wherever they put in an appearance.

The Hailo waste bin range from the classic TOPdesign and Öko Duo and Trio waste separation systems right through to bathroom lines, design4 and Sienna swing 4 has been given an innovative coat of paint - just right for perfectly coordinating the contemporary look and colour of interior decors.

With all lines - whether mini-sized bathroom and cosmetic bins or large-capacity receptacles tailored to kitchen and household needs, supplied with swing lids or pedal mechanisms - waste disposal is never a problem with the ease of use that comes from a well thought-out design.

Download Folder "Colours 2015"