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October 07, 2022 | Built-In Technology


75 years of innovation for more comfort at home

For 75 years, the company with the red dot has been a guarantor for products that make household work more comfortable. The focus of product development at HAILO is always on people – those who work with the products. "User benefit has the highest priority for us," says Martin Mies, Business Unit Manager for Built-in technology at HAILO. "We want our products to meet people's needs and make daily life easier in the kitchen, bath-room or utility room."
HAILO's success with this mission is also evident at this year's SICAM, where the waste separation system Tandem, the best-selling system of its kind, will be presented in a trendy anniversary edition. Tandem has been sold 12 million times. No wonder, because with this separation system HAILO had taken up a topic that was new until then.

Health from the garden – even in the rented apartment

The topics HAILO is focusing on will determine our lives in the near future. Space-saving solutions, for example, are becoming more and more in demand in urban living spaces. The smart home, in which connected technology makes it easier to deal with the tasks of daily life, is reaching more and more households. The topics of sustainability and health now move the majority of people. HAILO has developed solutions for all these areas. One highlight is the Micro Garden, which allows you to grow your own healthy food in a very small space. With the HAILO Libero 3.0, voice control is conquering waste systems – hygienically and smartly. "At SICAM, we present solutions for all the challenges of modern life for the fields in which we are active," says Martin Mies. "And, of course, we don't forget what the red dot has stood for now for 75 years: In addition to convenience, it's the excep-tional quality we achieve through rigorous product testing that all HAILO products must pass."

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