Heavy-duty cover type HS14

Rectangular design, surface water proof, safe to drive on, odour proof, for installation at ground level

Material: Stainless steel 1.4571/ASTM 316 ti, Stainless steel 1.4301/ASTM 304

Load classes:
As per EN 124, load class F 900 kN, with static calculation


  • Flat support surfaces for bearing the entire force
  • Tilted support surfaces for bearing shearing forces
  • Circumferential ring anchor for secure anchoring of the frame in concrete
  • Articulated shackle with maintenance-free plastic bearing shells
  • Mounted on a rigid through axle
  • Impermeable to surface water
  • Hydraulic opening through 2-step telescopic cylinder, emergency opening from outside possible
  • Self-retracting snib that locks before the cover is closed, released automatically on opening

Equipment options:

  • Hydraulic unit 230 V (stationary), 250 bar hydraulic pressure* or
  • Hydraulic hand pump (also optionally for emergency opening)*
  • Electric control with emergency off function and key-operated switch*
  • Safety grate, hinged*

* Exact equipment to be coordinated with our technical department

Prices on request

5-year warranty: Sealing materials are subject to natural wear and tear and are excluded from the warranty.

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