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Ladder Inspection made easy

HAILO Inspect makes the inspection of mobile ladders and steps, fixed fixed ladders and fall protection systems more convenient - and is thus an ideal companion for the responsible personnel.

For service technicians, building services specialists, assembly, maintenance and repair personnel, safety officers or specialists in facility services, the inspection of access systems and ladders is one of the recurring tasks.
With the digital application HAILO Inspect, HAILO offers these specialists a tool that makes this important task much easier.

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Ladder tests can be performed and documented easily and quickly using end devices such as smartphones, tablets or desktops.

The app offers a raft of useful features:

  • Free of charge
  • Web-based, device-independent
  • Guided ladder inspection ensures that the "competent person" takes all inspection steps into account
  • Ladders can be digitally inventoried and managed - not only HAILO products, but also ladders from other manufacturers
  • The test report is sent to the operator - and optionally to the inspector - by e-mail after completion of the test
  • Defects on the test objects are documented via photos and added to the test report
  • Automatic notifications about upcoming and failed tests for operator and tester
  • Access to already completed tests is possible at any time
  • Inspectors can invite an unlimited number of operators and vice versa
  • Discarded test items can be archived with one click
  • Since the entire inspection process is paperless, HAILO Inspect also contributes to operational sustainability
  • The application is available in German and English

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HAILO Inspect as an app for the Android & iOS operating systems:

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