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E-learning courses: "Qualified person for testing ladders, steps and mobile scaffolds" and "Qualified person for testing fixed ladders and climbing protection systems".

The safety of employees in the workplace is a top priority. To ensure this, work equipment must be regularly inspected by trained employees. In addition to adequate professional training, continuous training is also one of the requirements for so-called competent persons. In order to make this training targeted and efficient, HAILO has set up an e-learning program for ladders - and thus offers users of the products an additional plus in terms of safety.

On the

e-learning platform

HAILO Professional offers the training courses: "Qualified person for the inspection of ladders, steps and mobile scaffold towers" and "Qualified person for testing fixed ladders and climbing protection systems"

with all the advantages of modern e-learning: the courses can be held at any time and from any location. Companies save time and thus costs. Participants do not have to travel to the site and can adapt the training program to their individual work schedules. The program is available day and night and can be interrupted at any time or completed in smaller sections. Integrated interim tests ensure sustainable learning success.

The program is aimed at:

  • service technicians,
  • building services personnel,
  • maintenance and repair personnel,
  • fitters,
  • safety officers,
  • facility service specialists and occupational safety personnel.

Like all work equipment, ladders and access routes used in operations must be inspected at regular intervals to ensure they are in safe condition. This includes ladders, steps, mobile scaffolds and fixed fixed ladders, including fall arresters and fall protection systems.

To enable companies to carry out this responsible task themselves, these courses provide basic legal and technical knowledge on the selection, assembly, inspection and repair of ladders. By passing a test at the end of the courses, participants qualify for the certificate. The e-learning program thus enables its graduates to work as "persons qualified to test in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health".

The e-learning program is constantly being expanded and is a perfect complement to the training courses that HAILO conducts at its training center in Haiger or in-house at the customer's premises.

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