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In winter, there is a growing danger of increasing numbers of infections caused by influenza pathogens or corona viruses. Falling temperatures and the resulting shift of business and everyday life indoors require an expansion of existing hygiene concepts that serve the personal protection of your employees and customers. Our mobile hygiene protection walls make an effective contribution to preventing droplet infections indoors. Currently, there is a particularly high risk of infection and health risks due to the new corona pathogen SARS-CoV-2. For this reason, protective masks for mouth and nose have been part of everyday life for some time. Minimum distances, refraining from shaking hands and regular disinfection of palms have already been internalised by most citizens. We show you why your hygiene concept benefits from a mobile protective barrier.

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Hailo Care Wall - Hygiene protection walls for the safety of your employees and customers

Well equipped with the hygiene protection wall Hailo Care Wall

"Have a seat". "You're welcome!" It's not just your employees' and customers' subjective sense of safety that increases when partition walls are used. Free-standing hygiene safety barriers separate people from each other where minimum distances cannot always be maintained or good air circulation is difficult to achieve. Partition wall systems are thus taking on an increasingly important role: Wherever protection against droplet infections and potential contamination with bacteria and viruses is needed as effectively as possible in closed rooms, sneeze and spit screens will be indispensable in the future. Ideally, the mobile partition walls from Hailo are set up between individual desks and workstations, or as room dividers. The Hailo Care Wall 1 and the Hailo Care Wall 2 are ideal for minimal visual restriction: The transparent surface of the tarpaulin thus allows direct visual contact. Your employees and customers will hardly notice them. In addition, the Hailo Care Wall 3 and the Hailo Care Wall 4 offer the advantage of creating more privacy due to the black coating of the tent fabric. Thanks to their inconspicuous yet high-quality appearance, they are ideal as room dividers. In addition, both the tent fabric tarpaulin and the tent window film of the Hailo Care Walls can be written on and can therefore be used as a display for individual messages. Compared to a fixed Plexiglas partition, which is heavier and requires more complex assembly, the mobile sneeze and spit guards from Hailo offer further advantages.

The advantages of the Hailo Care Wall with tent cover at a glance

  • Handily packaged and quickly assembled
  • Unlike Plexiglas, the Hailo Care Wall is light and easy to transport
  • Stable and weight-optimised
  • Covering made of sturdy tent window film (transparent) or tent fabric tarpaulin (black)
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • No loss of working space due to unused work tables
  • Can also be used as a display for individual messages using special pens
  • Sturdy aluminium frame in elegant dark grey (slate-grey)
  • Powder-coated material provides strong corrosion protection and high abrasion resistance

Partition wall system with easy transport and assembly

Good to know: The assembly and disassembly of the Hailo Care Wall is extremely simple and can be done in just a few steps. Thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction, it is easy to transport and can be easily adjusted if necessary.

Where hygiene safety barriers from Hailo can be used

Here you will find a summary of possible areas of application for our Hailo Care Wall safety barriers:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail trade
  • Public facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Small protective wall, large protective wall or custom-made? We can handle it!

In order to meet the most diverse requirements and areas of application, we also offer custom-made products for your individual requirements on request, in addition to two standard models. This provides you and your customers with increased hygiene protection and reduces the risk of possible droplet infection. In addition, important information can be communicated via our optional hanging information board. The hook-in information board, which can be latched into place if required, is made of dark grey sheet steel and is suitable for magnets. If you too would like to increase personal protection, as well as that of your employees and customers, as part of your existing hygiene concept, you should opt for one of our Hailo Care Walls. In contrast to other models, our mobile partition walls convince with their lightweight construction as well as excellent quality and can therefore be optimally used at any location.