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The HAILO Fresh L is the multi-talent for your household
Hailo Fresh hygienic waste bin with German Innovation Award Winner 2019 signet

Hygienic waste bin with plasma technology

99% fewer viruses, bacteria and odours due to natural active oxygen*
Versatile in use: Organic waste bin, nappy pail and much more
Top design and premium quality made in Germany

169.99 €

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Hygiene bin stands in a modern kitchen
The world's first hygienic waste bin for private households that reduces odours, viruses and bacteria by up to 99%*.
Versatile use as bio-waste, nappy bin or for the waste of pets.
Hailo Fresh, without chemical additives and without refill cassettes
Plasma module generates active oxygen and thus neutralises odours
The innovative plasma module generates active oxygen from the ambient air and expels it into the bin.
The module can be operated permanently at the socket or up to one week by battery.
Plasma module with battery for hygiene waste bin
All the advantages of the HAILO Fresh L at a glance
Comparison table Hailo Fresh with commercially available organic waste bins and nappy bins
Hailo Fresh hygienic waste bin with German Innovation Award Winner 2019 signet

Hygienic waste bin with plasma technology

99% fewer viruses, bacteria and odours due to natural active oxygen*
Versatile in use: Organic waste bin, nappy pail and much more
Top design and premium quality made in Germany

169.99 €

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Thrills families, tech fans and pet owners!
Logo Gadgetrausch

The blog Gadget-Rausch writes:

Our conclusion on the HAILO Fresh Premium bin: Expensive but effective!

Towards the end of the first week, no unpleasant odours could be detected, not even directly above the opening of the HAILO Fresh L - very impressive!

Baby standing next to nappy bin in children's room

Nadine writes:

"Very big recommendation from me! The HAILO Fresh L doesn't just look great, it also is great! The best thing is that you can simply use conventional bin liners and don't have to buy expensive refill cartridges. We use it as a nappy bin, and it should certainly be of interest to pet owners as well."

Hailo Fresh tester Simone

Simone writes:

"The technology built into the lid of the waste bin is truly ingenious. I still don't understand how it works, but it does. We use the product in the kitchen. Empty cans of tuna, yoghurt pots, milk cartons, other empty tinned food etc. were disposed of in it. Normally there is a certain smell in such a bin, especially in high summer temperatures. Thanks to the technology in the lid, the waste remains constantly odourless. Even when opening the HAILO Fresh, you can't smell the rubbish at all."

Hailo Fresh tester Jana

Jana writes:

"Despite all the scepticism in the beginning, we are completely satisfied. One can even say we’re amazed and enthusiastic! For me, the HAILO Fresh L is an absolute "must-have" in a professional kitchen or in everyday life. The battery lasts for a very long time and is quickly recharged. We are thoroughly impressed."

Silhouette Hailo Fresh tester Imke

Imke writes:

"I'm excited about the design of the product. We use the HAILO Fresh everyday, as a diaper pail for our daughter."

Hailo Fresh hygienic waste bin with German Innovation Award Winner 2019 signet

Hygienic waste bin with plasma technology

99% fewer viruses, bacteria and odours due to natural active oxygen*
Versatile in use: Organic waste bin, nappy pail and much more
Top design and premium quality made in Germany

169.99 €

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HAILO Fresh - Natural neutralisation of up to 99% of odours, viruses and bacteria*

Whether baby diapers, cat litter or residual waste - unpleasant odours can severely impair the well-being in your own home. Especially when it comes to penetrating odours in waste, which are formed by bacteria, the choice of a high-quality and versatile waste bin is extremely important. With HAILO Fresh L, HAILO is launching a model that enables you to dispose of nappies and other odour-intensive waste in an uncomplicated and odourless way. Its innovative active oxygen mode eliminates up to 99% of viruses and bacteria* and makes the HAILO Fresh L an odour-neutralising waste bin that continuously conjures freshness, hygiene and cleanliness into your home.

Up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and odours are neutralised in just three steps*

The HAILO Fresh works as simple as that:

Smelling waste is thrown into hygiene waste bin

Press the foot pedal to open the odour-proof waste bin and dispose of the waste in it.

Plasma module is started automatically and emits active oxygen

The plasma module is started automatically after closing the lid and emits active oxygen.

Active oxygen eliminates viruses, bacteria and waste odours

The active oxygen eliminates up to 99% of all viruses, bacteria and waste odours*.

The special features of our HAILO Fresh L

Smart technology

The HAILO Fresh L neutralizes viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors such as those from diapers, animal litter, organic or residual waste by up to 99 percent*. To do this, a plasma module is installed in the lid of the waste bin, which automatically ejects active oxygen at short intervals of around 20 seconds per hour. This short time interval is sufficient to eliminate unpleasant odours reliably and effectively. In addition, an additional treatment with active oxygen starts every time the lid is opened and fresh waste is thrown in. Good to know: It is not necessary to replace the module.

Waste bin without refill cartridges

Many conventional hygiene waste bins, especially diaper bins, use refill cartridges. These cartridges have to be continuously replenished and therefore cause high costs. In contrast, the HAILO Fresh L does not require refill cartridges, but neutralises odours with its innovative, odour-neutralising plasma module technology. Once the HAILO Fresh L bin has been purchased, there are no follow-up costs for expensive refill cartridges. Normal bin liners are completely sufficient for the HAILO Fresh L.

Long battery life

The integrated rechargeable battery needs only one charge per week of about 5-6 hours to be ready for use.

Functionality with normal garbage bags

It should be particularly emphasized that the HAILO Fresh L does not require any special bin liners. Instead, conventional 20-litre bin liners from the retail trade can simply be used.

Easy handling

The HAILO Fresh L is operated by foot pedal in an extremely convenient way. A light tap on the pedal with your foot is all it takes - and the lid of the waste bin opens.


In addition, the lid of the model is equipped with a soft close mechanism. In this way the lid of the bin closes very quietly.

Extra large capacity

While other waste bin models often have to be emptied daily due to their unpleasant odour and small capacity, the HAILO Fresh in size L is impressive with its extra large capacity. This makes it ideal for people who have their hands full. Say goodbye, for example, to times when your baby's individual nappies had to be carried to the rubbish bin in front of the house after each new nappy change.

Simple cleaning

The HAILO Fresh can be cleaned just like any waste bin by wiping its surfaces with a cloth moistened with water. A little caution is required when cleaning the plasma module, however. It should only be cleaned externally and should be separated from the charger.

Attractive design

The HAILO Fresh L is not a normal waste bin that needs to be hidden in a corner behind the door. With its clear lines and high-quality materials, this model stands for timeless, chic design.

Versatile application opportunities

The areas of application for HAILO Fresh are virtually unlimited. For parents of small children, for example, the model is ideal for placement next to the changing table: The bin makes it possible to comfortably change your baby's nappy by automatically neutralising viruses, bacteria and unpleasant nappy odours. But the HAILO Fresh L brings cleanliness and freshness not only in the baby's room. It is also ideal for use in the area of nursing care. Incontinence articles and nappies for adults can be disposed of discreetly, conveniently and odourlessly in the bucket. The look of HAILO Fresh is by no means the same as that of a standard nappy pail. What's more, the model is ideal for use in animal households. Wherever animal litter and pet food residues accumulate, the odour-neutralising HAILO Fresh L provides hygienic freshness. And in the kitchen too, the HAILO Fresh L eliminates viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odours from residual waste, organic waste or packaging by up to 99 percent*.

The most important quality promises of HAILO Fresh

Long service life

With its high-quality materials and innovative technology, the HAILO Fresh L embodies quality and durability. Our promise of quality and its versatile applications make it a faithful companion in the household.

Comfortable operation

Our HAILO Fresh L was designed with the aim of making people's lives easier. That's why our engineers and designers put a lot of energy into making the model simple and comfortable to use. The HAILO Fresh L has a technically highly complex system for neutralizing odors - but its handling is self-explanatory and ideally suited to people's everyday lives.

Our warranty promise

The HAILO brand stands for first-class quality. That's why we offer private households and commercial users a two-year warranty on our HAILO Fresh L.

HAILO Fresh L - Goodbye unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria!

Whether in the children's room, in households with animals, in the kitchen or in care facilities - wherever hygiene and cleanliness play an important role, the HAILO Fresh L bin makes it easy and convenient to dispose of nappies and other odorous waste. It makes a major contribution to hygiene, particularly by eliminating viruses and bacteria. Our customers also appreciate the fact that the bin does not require expensive cartridges or special bag systems. With its innovative active oxygen technology and convenient handling, the HAILO Fresh L is the all-rounder for eliminating unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria.

Nappy bin stands in the children's room, a woman with a baby in her arms sits in the background
Hygiene bin stands in a modern kitchen
Elderly gentleman sitting on a bed, a hygiene waste bin in the background
Cat sitting on the litter tray, a hygiene bin in the background

* At 70% ambient humidity and within 6h with continuously closed bin.

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